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14 Beautiful Childbirth Photos

By April Davis

These are the pictures that make us stop and sigh a little. They are just beautiful. Whether it's the angle, the moment, or the emotion, the best word we can find for these ones is just plain BEAUTIFUL.  Enjoy this collection of beautiful childbirth photos! Birth is an incredible and unique exp... Read More

What Home Birth Really Looks Like {30+ Incredible Pictures!}

By April Davis

Home birth is something I've grown passionate about in the last few years.  I began my medical training in emergency medicine and learned quickly that having a baby at home was "dangerous and irresponsible-everyone dies."  I believed what I was taught because, as an ambulance worker, that's all yo... Read More

Birth Experiences: Home Birth Part 1

By Staff

Editor’s Note: At TodaysMama, we believe that every mother has the right to choose her birth experiences and that every experience is different. One experience we’d like to forego is the tradition of only sharing birthing horror stories...because, really, how is that helpful?  We’ll continue ... Read More

Birth Experiences: An Inadvertent Homebirth

By Staff

Editor’s Note: As a company full of mothers, we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about birth -our birth experiences, how long it took to conceive and the occasional, my-friend’s-neighbor-gave-birth-on-her-bathroom-floor story.  (This is that story.) We believe that every mother has... Read More