Holiday decorations

Easter Bunting Printable

By Erin Oltmanns

My new house has a fireplace! With a mantle and everything! Sadly I lack the skill-set for taking random decorations/twigs/thrift-store finds/mason jars and compiling a pleasing to the eye seasonal display. So that means that my mantle is currently functioning as the spot where we keep the cho... Read More

Moving and Misplaced Christmas Decorations

By Erin Oltmanns

So, we moved. Just picked up our stuff and shuffled it all into a new house, closer to my office. But somewhere along the way, most of our Christmas decorations got lost. I KNOW that there wasn’t so much as a dust bunny in our old house when we finally departed, because like the super che... Read More

Christmas Light Meltdown

By Carina

I love to decorate for Christmas, yet by the standards of most homemakers my decorated house is still kind of minimal. My favorite lights are these cascading snowball lights from IKEA that I hang in my windows. My neighbors each made a trip to ask me about the lights because they're so unus... Read More

Displaying Antique Ornaments

By Carina

I'm always scared to put my favorite ornaments on my Christmas tree--what if they get broken? Most of my ornaments are easily replaceable, but I have a few that are dear to me. I went to a local shop last Saturday (Harmony Shop) and saw this idea for displaying antique ornaments. The shop own... Read More

Easter Diorama

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

I found this little Easter jar display on Pinterest from  OH, how I love Martha Stewart.  Check it out...   I was inspired.  A little Easter diorama! ... Read More