girls night out

Girls Night Out Becomes A Fight for Life

By Erica Fehrman

How many times have you had a girls night out and felt that you couldn't get out of the house soon enough?  I always hug my boys and say I love you, and then I jump out the door, crank up the car stereo and meet my pals. No one needs to live a life of trepidation and What if, but...What if? L... Read More

How To: Get a Monthly Night Out with the Girls

By Erin Oltmanns

As with most first-time parents, my social life took an abrupt nose-dive when my first child was born 3 years ago. I didn’t mind. I was completely enamored with my sweet baby girl and had my hands full navigating the tricky juggle of parenting, working from home and trying to figure out when to... Read More