Newtown 1 Year Later: Nature Heals

By Nature Rocks

As an employee of the Nature Conservancy, I have the privilege of doing work that I love and makes a difference in the world.  As an ecologist, I have an understanding of the importance of nature and the many benefits it provides to people and communities.  And as a resident of Newtown, Connectic... Read More

Fresh Basil – 8 Uses for Basil

By Amy Allen Johnson

As we drift into the last days of summer, my garden is working overtime.  My tiny, fresh basil plants that nearly drowned in the thunderstorms before I could plant my herb garden are now as vibrant and bushy as the tomato plants.  With so much fresh basil on hand, I am finding many great uses for ... Read More

Garden Design Ideas – Container Plants

By Amy Allen Johnson

Love the idea of a beautiful garden but without all the work? I'm always dreaming of new garden design ideas, then reality sets in.  Doing an entire yard takes WORK!  Just ask Carina about her front yard makeover. Then, I discovered container gardening.  Take a beautiful vessel, fill it wit... Read More

Singing Carrot

By Erica Fehrman

Last year when school started, I wrote about what I do with my alone time. This year, my kids trooped off to school and I got side-tracked by this leggy carrot who sings show tunes. Doesn't your garden have a singing carrot?   Other posts you might enjoy... Muppets on SNL ... Read More

Cheesy Zucchini Rice

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

ONE zucchini plant.  That's all I planted.  And now every time anyone comes over to my house I say, "Hey, want a zucchini?"  There aren't as many wild zucchini lovers out there as you would think. Or maybe they're just overwhelmed at the sight of the foot long zucchini I'm trying to pawn off o... Read More

Gopher Problems

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

I have gopher problems. I tried very hard this year (first time ever!) to grow a vegetable garden, and out of some green thumb  miraculous event, it actually worked.  Here's the tomato section...over the fence!  I'm telling you, it's a shocking miracle.   Now let me show you wha... Read More

New Front Yard: Getting Rid of Trees and Grass

By Carina

Previously on our New Front Yard... New Front Yard, Where to Start? Working with a Landscape Designer Modern Landscape Design Plan    All the time that we've talked about putting in a new yard has now boiled down to the hard work. We have to get rid of about 4 trees and deal wit... Read More

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

A MIRACLE has happened at my house.  My little black thumb has managed to plant a garden that appears to be on steroids.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I stopped prepping the dirt when my arms started to hurt (which in reality was pretty quick), I randomly threw seeds in the ground, and it is ... Read More

New Front Yard: Modern Landscape Design Plan

By Carina

This summer we're re-doing our front yard from a boring mess, with variations on green and tedium, to a cool, drought-tolerant, modern landscape design. I decided what was most important to me in a new yard (native plants, bright colors, unusual look,) and then worked with a landscape designer ... Read More

New Front Yard: Working with a Landscape Designer

By Carina

When it came to figuring out what to do with my new front yard, I knew I needed help. I am a recovering black thumb who doesn't love to garden. However, I need a garden because I don't want my house to be ugly, nor for my neighbors to hate me. I contacted my friend Jennifer because she's a landscape... Read More