Luxury Accommodations for Less

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Family travel is almost never cheap and luxury accommodations are hardly ever economical, but every now and then resorts and high-end hotels throw us a bone so that we may partake in lavishness without burning a hole in our pockets. Saddlebrook Resort, Florida Just north of downtown Ta... Read More

America’s Strangest Santa Sightings

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Kid-Friendly Attractions On Thanksgiving Day, Santa Claus makes his traditional New York City arrival while comfortably seated on a float outside Macy’s. But other towns around the U.S. have proof that Santa is not always so sedentary, or buckled down to his sleigh. Depending on where you u... Read More

5 Outrageously Unique Activities to Try in Las Vegas

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Kid-Friendly Attractions   Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, sprawling casinos, and larger-than-life attractions. With the city’s over-the-top attitude, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas offers plenty of unique activities. If you and your family are feeling adventurous, try ... Read More

America’s Best Tree Lighting Ceremonies

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Forget Black Friday. For a lot of people—sentimental types, perhaps—the true beginning for the holiday season is the ceremonial lighting of a Christmas tree—preferably, a really big one. The most famous tree lightings, of course, even get shown on TV: This year’s tree at New York City... Read More

Planning a Caribbean Cruise With Your Family

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Travel Tips With the increased popularity of family cruises, the cruise lines are offering increased family-friendly amenities and activities. Cruising with kids has never been easier, and there are lots of different options – from cruise lines to itineraries. Many families choose a Caribbean c... Read More

5 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas for the Holidays

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Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations When most people think of winter travel, they envision holiday fun near a fireplace, complete with a cup of hot cocoa. This year, why not try something different? Leave your snow boots at home, pack your sunglasses, and head to Las Vegas with the family to... Read More

Fabulous Fall Activities in San Diego with Kids

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Kid-Friendly Attractions   Summer crowds and hot temperatures have faded with the sun, slowly replaced with mild weather and fabulous family-friendly fall festivities. Round up the kids for live football games (go Chargers!), fall festivals, apple picking and farm-themed activities at... Read More

Four NYC Winter Sleepovers for Kids

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What could be more entertaining for a child than spending the night away from home? And what could be more fun than for that place to be located in the heart of New York City? From medieval history buffs and the nature obsessed to future astronauts and budding pilots, there is no better feeli... Read More

Why I Chose Work/Life Benefits Over a Raise

By womenandco

Years ago I was on a senior track at a top publishing company with benefits so great, many of my colleagues referred to them as “the golden handcuffs.” But while the health and dental coverage may have been good, the hours weren’t. I worked late most nights and often on weekends. Once m... Read More

Superb Ski Deals for Family Fun on the Slopes

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If you and your children enjoy skiing you must already be planning your winter family break. Skiing holidays can be pricy with equipment rentals, ski passes, tuitions, and accommodation all adding up. But hotels, resorts and ski associations have a wide range of offers to make sure you can organ... Read More