Cake Mix Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies

By Erin Oltmanns

Our obsession with Easter candy continues—and now we’ve found a way to make Reese's Peanut Butter Cookies by combining the glorious ease of a cake mix cookie with the traffic-stopping deliciousness of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. You know how Reese’s peanut butter cups deliver the magic ba... Read More

Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies

By April Davis

Cadbury Mini Eggs have hit store shelves! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It’s time to make the most of those chocolatey jewels and whip up Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies. We were first inspired to create a blonde and buttery version of this cookie with regular milk chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs which y... Read More

Spring NO Break!

By Rachael Herrscher

Happy Spring NO Break Mamas! For those of you who are not in Mexico or some other sunny all inclusive resort right now, you might be wishing Spring Break was just a few days LESS. We feel you. You're not alone! ... Read More

4 Family Resorts for Egg-cellent Easter Escapes

By MiniTime

Fancy a fantastic Easter vacation with the kids featuring seasonal treats, great attractions and fun activities, all set in wonderful family-friendly destinations? Depending on your family’s interests and budget, you can choose a resort in popular Florida, Caribbean getaway, Latin American adv... Read More

Easter Memory Game Printable

By Rachael Herrscher

We've got a little splash of adorable to keep your little ones busy during Easter Brunch. Check out this perfect Easter Memory Game Printable! Between the easter egg hunts and sugar around every corner we think moms everywhere will appreciate a little bit of quiet time with this adorable easter a... Read More

4 No-Bake Desserts!

By Andi Gleeson

These easy, no-bake Pretzel Cereal Bars are perfect for Easter, or you can change the colors to fit any holiday! Is Peter Cottontail ready to hop down the bunny trail at your house? He still has some work to do in our neighborhood. I just boiled a pot of eggs this morning, and dying will happen a... Read More

5 Excellent Easter Menu Ideas

By Ana Connery

Whether you're looking for a traditional Easter menu or something fun, light or casual, these five fabulous feasts are full of excellent ideas. 1. Glazed ham traditional Easter menu from Martha Stewart: Carrot Vichyssoise Glazed Ham Scalloped Potatoes Citrus Salad ... Read More

7 Healthy Easter Side Dishes

By Ana Connery

Ahh, springtime. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (or at least we hope it is) and the last of the major holidays are upon us, at least for a while. As you plan your Easter menu, check out these healthy Easter side dishes that are sure to please any palate. Whether you're the one cooking... Read More

Zendoodle Easter Egg Coloring Pages

By Erin Oltmanns

Easter Egg Coloring Pages Have you ever heard of Zendoodles? Zendoodles or Zentangles, are abstract drawings created with pen and ink. The drawing style has been called addictive and relaxing. Nothing wrong with infusing a little relaxation into this sugar-filled holiday in the form of Zend... Read More

Easter Bunting Printable

By Erin Oltmanns

My new house has a fireplace! With a mantle and everything! Sadly I lack the skill-set for taking random decorations/twigs/thrift-store finds/mason jars and compiling a pleasing to the eye seasonal display. So that means that my mantle is currently functioning as the spot where we keep the cho... Read More