Spray Paint Minion Pumpkins for Halloween!

By Rachael Herrscher

These go down as the best pumpkins our family has produced in the history of EVER. They were so easy, so much fun, and made us smile every time we walked up the front steps. Step by step instructions to make your own Minion Pumpkins included below. PIN IT FOR LATER! Want to make your ow... Read More

8 Eggcellent Easter DIY Ideas

By Not Just A Mommy!

I know...the title was a little much! That's ok...the eggcellent  ideas I'm going to share are going to be worth the horrible pun.  There are so many fun ways to decorate plastic and real eggs. Here are 8 of my favorite Easter DIY ideas: If you are looking for a fun basket for your eggs... Read More

Day of the Dead Printables Craft

By Amy Allen Johnson

Celebrate the Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos with this cute, cut-out craft, Day of the Dead Printables Craft.  Day of the Dead has similar origins to Halloween or All Hallow's Eve (aka La Toussaint, All Saints' Day) and is primarily celebrated in Mexico.  Honor your deceased ancestors by visiti... Read More

Halloween Shadow Puppets Printable

By Amy Allen Johnson

Looking for a new and simple way to entertain your children this Halloween?  We've got the answer - Halloween Shadow Puppets  - a Printable! Instructions Print on black card stock. (Yes, you CAN print on black paper! It’s faint, but the black lines are clear enough to use as guides fo... Read More

Rock Band Dad: Pin it For Papa Contest from

By Carina

My husband is more fun than any other dad out there. Just the other day I walked in from work to find this scene in my living room: a toddler, a Kindergartner, and their dad, playing Rock Band. The kids are always asking him to "Play rock-n-roll!" and he's the first one on the guitar. He's th... Read More

St. Patricks T-Shirts

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Here's a nightmare for you. You have a crazy busy week and you space that it's St. Patricks Day. And then you send your poor innocent little children off to school NOT WEARING GREEN. That's not going to be a recess they'll want to remember. Check out these adorable DIY St. Patricks t-shirts fr... Read More

Ribbon Wristlet Key Ring

By Erica Fehrman

It's nearly that time of year when I Pin everything in sight and swear I'll make all sorts of cute handmade gifts for Christmas (it's handmade! it's cheap!) and even buy the materials, and then suck and don't make anything and buy a bunch of sweaters instead. But this project seems like something... Read More

Father’s Day Gift – Mini Tie Keychain

By Amy Allen Johnson

My kids love seeing their dad in a tie. They love ties so much they want to wear them too. When we found this tutorial from the Friend on how to make a mini tie keychain, we knew we'd have to make enough for the entire family.  Grab your old ties and some scissors and you're on your way. &nb... Read More

Circle Punch Polka Dot Snail Craft

By Erin Oltmanns

You can add “circle punch” to the list of crafty supplies that lurk in my closet unused, because I lack the crafty imagination to come up with something adorable. Lucky for me (and all non-crafters, like me) there are so many great craft ideas floating around on the internet. For example, ... Read More

Paper Bag Skirt

By Amy Allen Johnson

We've added Sewing Lessons onto our Summer Bucket List after seeing this Paper Bag Skirt pattern from Make It and Love It.  Our cute friend, Kristy, is using the pattern for her bridesmaids, but it's just perfect for little girls too. Since the pattern is full of straight lines, we're going ... Read More