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Rock Dog Movie Premiere and a Giveaway

By Melanie Donahoo

This post is sponsored by Lionsgate Premiere. A few years ago my nephew visited and asked where I kept my dog. I told him I didn't have one, and he quickly let me know I was wasting my adulthood. I think he was onto something, but until I move out of my "no dogs allowed" apartment building in Man... Read More

Zendoodle Christmas Coloring Pages

By Erin Oltmanns

Look. I’ve got about six dozen ADORABLE holiday crafts pinned to my “Christmas FTW” board on Pinterest. But I’ve finally come to an extraordinary place of clarity where I’ve realized that I’m not crafty. At all. Oh, I’ve tried. (How I’ve tried.) There are a handful of the most ... Read More

Zendoodle Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

By Erin Oltmanns

I’m a big fan of hitting two birds with one stone. In this case the “birds” in question are my adult AND child Thanksgiving dinner guests. No. I’m not actually going to throw rocks at them. Well, not the kids, at least. We’ll just have to see how the adults behave. I’m kidding! (Or... Read More

Zendoodle Halloween Coloring Pages

By Erin Oltmanns

Want to add a little zen-like spooky fun to your Halloween festivities? Do you have a kiddo that BEGS for those fancy, intricate coloring books every time you go to Costco? No? Just my kids? I find that hard to believe. Since our Easter Egg Zendoodles are crazy popular during the springtime... Read More

July 4th Coloring Pages

By Erin Oltmanns

Looking for something fun to keep the kiddos occupied while you get ready for your Independence Day festivities? How about our July 4th coloring pages? Just the ticket for keeping small fingers occupied and out of that red, white, and blue Jell-O situation that you’re planning on painstakingly ... Read More

Zendoodle Easter Egg Coloring Pages

By Erin Oltmanns

Easter Egg Coloring Pages Have you ever heard of Zendoodles? Zendoodles or Zentangles, are abstract drawings created with pen and ink. The drawing style has been called addictive and relaxing. Nothing wrong with infusing a little relaxation into this sugar-filled holiday in the form of Zend... Read More