brunch ideas

Easter Brunch – Homemade Rolls

By Amy Allen Johnson

My 90-year old grandma makes homemade rolls. My mom has perfected them. I am practicing so my Easter Brunch will include the same soft, fluffy, warm homemade rolls. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll share my Easter Brunch menu ideas and some Easter decoration ideas, perhaps even edible decor --... Read More

French Toast Casserole Recipe

By Amy Allen Johnson

Gearing up for 2013?  Make this overnight French Toast Casserole recipe and enjoy a glorious breakfast after a late night of celebrating the end of 2012. After reading about 25 different versions of this recipe on the internet, I came up with this recipe.  Add enough butter, cream and eggs ... Read More

Mom’s Cinnamon Roll Recipe

By Amy Allen Johnson

Remember when you moved away from home and it felt like you called home for recipes every day?  This Cinnamon Roll Recipe is from my mom and was one of the first things I missed. Her cinnamon rolls have a dash of maple flavoring in the sugar mixture and a maple-flavored glaze. In honor of Mother... Read More

Mini Breakfast Bread Bowls

By Carina

I ran across this great idea over at Perfecting the Pairing for using stale dinner rolls and other random leftovers you might have: turn them into delicious breakfast bread bowls! I love this idea for brunch, holiday meals, and entertaining. Here's the scenario: you've got friends staying the wee... Read More

Menu Ideas – Brunch Drinks

By Amy Allen Johnson

One of my favorite places for brunch is Ella's in San Francisco. The "from scratch" menu is one reason you'll be waiting in line for your meal, especially on the weekend. When you go out for brunch, the drink options are so plentiful they get their own menu!  What about when you are the host? Do... Read More

Brunch Menu Recipes – Mini Hashbrown Crust Quiches

By Amy Allen Johnson

Have you gathered your brunch  menu recipes yet?  What is your traditional main dish for Easter? A leg of lamb? A large cured ham? Quiche?   My grandpa was a farmer and a... Read More

Menu Planning – A Balanced Menu

By Amy Allen Johnson

What's my favorite part of a brunch menu?  The Bread Food Group – Muffins, bagels, pancakes, waffles, quick breads, cinnamon rolls, French toast, bread sticks, crepes, scones, croissants. . . am I missing something? If left to my own vices, I’d be Dudley Dursley, Harry Potter's over-sized, o... Read More

Blackberry Scones Recipe

By Amy Allen Johnson

My weakness for bread makes the multitude of delicious brunch bread items a menu planning disaster, especially if I'm trying to plan a balanced meal. If you're trying to decide on a SINGLE bread to serve, here's a yummy option you may want to try - Blackberry Scones.  Since I'd eaten half of my ... Read More