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5 Crazy Birth Stories You Won’t Believe

By Bryn Huntpalmer

As the host of a birth stories podcast, I hear a lot of variety when it comes to birth stories and now that I'm 66 episodes in, I've chosen my top five craziest birth stories to share. If you want to hear any of these stories in their entirety you can click the links below or subscribe to The Birth... Read More

The Two Births The Day My Son Was Born

By Guest Post

Editorial Note: June Haskell of Simply June shares the wild story of her first son's birth with us today. I had a chance to watch June perform last week at Listen To Your Mother and she brought the house down. We hope you love her story as much as we do. When a woman tells you her story about givi... Read More

Two Very Different Births

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

When I was pregnant with my now four year old daughter, I was COMPLETELY terrified to give birth.  Like 100%, I don't know how this baby is going to get out of there, but I sure don't want to think about it, and I definitely don't want to hear your labor story, and I might have cried almost every d... Read More

An Adoption Birth Story

By Guest Post

Tamra Smith-Wasel shares her daughter's adoption birth story for our April Showers Birth Stories Series. We adopted our daughter. But up until she was born, we weren't sure it was ever going to happen. Her birthmother picked us as she liked the fact that my husband was also adopted. However, after ... Read More

Two Birth Stories: Induction and Ether

By Erica Fehrman

My mom has often told me about going to the hospital on December 23 with pre-labor pains.  The on-call doctor said she wasn't in active labor, but he also didn't want to be called back on Christmas Day -- so he induced labor without asking for my mom's permission.  "What was that medicine?  Oh." ... Read More

My Birth Story – A Fresh ‘Do For the Delivery

By Amy Allen Johnson

A girl born in the '70s in Indianapolis. Third child to a couple who'd left their home state of Utah for graduate school in the midwest, a first job in New York and then a job transfer back to Indy. In many ways, my birth story feels so typically typical that it hardly warrants recording.... Read More

April Showers – How Did Your Mom Have a Baby?

By Carina

These days of OBs, midwives, epidurals, natural, birth plans, hospitals, home births, c-sections, silent births, water goodness the modern birth experience can be almost whatever you choose for it to be. It makes me think about what it was like for my mother and grandmothers to have babi... Read More

Too Much for TV? Kourtney Kardashian Pulls Out Own Baby

By Rachael Herrscher

It worked you know. I watched the video clip. It had to have boosted their ratings, but what do you think? Too much for TV? Weigh in. (I happen to be one of those people who can watch that "A Baby Story" show nonstop when I'm pregnant, so I think I'm biased.) More on TodaysMama: Ryan Go... Read More

What He Took: A Birth Story by Kelly Grey Carlisle

By Erica Fehrman

Maybe your mom is your best friend and maybe she's not; maybe you never knew her; maybe you imagine something better for you both or lament what never was.  Whatever your mom is, take a moment to read What He Took by Kelly Grey Carlisle, on The Rumpus. I used to joke with nervous first-time-... Read More

When Sticking to Your Birth Plan Makes You an Idiot

By Rachael Herrscher

I read an article last week on Babble "My VBAC Success Story" with the subtitle "I ignored my doctor to have the birth I wanted". Now don't get me wrong, if I didn't have C-sections I would be the hypnobirthing queen. Who knows, by now I'd probably be at home giving birth in one of those big ... Read More