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5 Crazy Birth Stories You Won’t Believe

By Bryn Huntpalmer

As the host of a birth stories podcast, I hear a lot of variety when it comes to birth stories and now that I'm 66 episodes in, I've chosen my top five craziest birth stories to share. If you want to hear any of these stories in their entirety you can click the links below or subscribe to The Birth... Read More

What Home Birth Really Looks Like {30+ Incredible Pictures!}

By April Davis

Home birth is something I've grown passionate about in the last few years.  I began my medical training in emergency medicine and learned quickly that having a baby at home was "dangerous and irresponsible-everyone dies."  I believed what I was taught because, as an ambulance worker, that's all yo... Read More

Twins? No, they don’t run in my family.

By Anna Shirley

Fun fact. I always wanted twins. Of course, this was prior to any pregnancies and the idea of getting two babies for the price of one pregnancy seemed like a pretty sweet deal. Turns out, I love being pregnant. I don't get sick. I lose all the hair on my legs so I essentially don't have to shave for... Read More

An Emergency C-Section in Photos

By Rachael Herrscher

You're usually not planning on it.  In fact, on your first one, you've got a plan for something very much the opposite. Here's what it looks like when you move from one birthing scenario to the other. This mother-to-be from Loveland, CO found herself in the delivery room after her water broke 1 ... Read More

The Two Births The Day My Son Was Born

By Guest Post

Editorial Note: June Haskell of Simply June shares the wild story of her first son's birth with us today. I had a chance to watch June perform last week at Listen To Your Mother and she brought the house down. We hope you love her story as much as we do. When a woman tells you her story about givi... Read More

Letting Go of Perfect – How My Surprise Down Syndrome Baby Changed Our World

By Guest Post

Thank you so much to Holly Hanks at for sharing the incredible birth story of her daughter Kayla.   We Didn’t Get What We Wanted, We Got Something Much Better We spend so much time chasing ‘perfect’. But ‘perfect’ and ‘normal’ are elusive and false ideals. Focusing... Read More

The Best Gift Ever – Birth Stories

By Guest Post

A special guest post from DallasMama Jen. You can read more of her work at here. It was a typical “end of pregnancy” day when you’re running around trying to get any and all errands finished before baby’s arrival. There was even a midwife appointment in there where she told me, “Well, it c... Read More

The 14 Minute Baby

By Carina

Three and a half weeks early with my oldest, 10 days late with my second, I had no idea when my third baby would arrive. And I really had no idea that she'd arrive in 14 minutes. I woke up in pain around 4:00 in the morning a few days before my baby girl was due. However, you're always in pain at t... Read More

An Adoption Birth Story

By Guest Post

Tamra Smith-Wasel shares her daughter's adoption birth story for our April Showers Birth Stories Series. We adopted our daughter. But up until she was born, we weren't sure it was ever going to happen. Her birthmother picked us as she liked the fact that my husband was also adopted. However, after ... Read More

When the Doctor Gives You No Hope, You Pray for a Miracle

By Guest Post

Jennifer Bourgoyne from Czela Bellies, a cesarean wear shop for recovering C-section moms, shares her heart-stopping story of the day her doctor gave her the worst possible news for our April Showers Birth Stories Series. It was the eve of my second child’s seventh birthday, as I found myself ... Read More