Seen “13 Reasons Why”? Here’s 4 Shows You SHOULD Watch With Teens

By Anna Shirley

I'm not a parent of teens...yet. But it was quite apparent on social media that the Netflix original, "13 Reasons Why" was causing quite a stir. I saw a lot of people posting, even boycotting the series. Personally, knowing the premise of a young girl who encountered sexual assault and committed ... Read More

Keeping Kids Safe With These Basic Tips

By Kalli Verbecky

Hey, let's talk about keeping kids safe.  A broad topic, I know, but one that's at the forefront of every parent's mind, am I right?  When it comes to keeping kids safe we always have the best intentions as parents, but maybe our methods have been all wrong. Stranger danger is a ... Read More

Blue: Beauty From Ashes

By Staff

We're struck by Blue's journey from an abusive childhood to a happy, present motherhood. If you're a fan of beautiful writing, observing a journey of forgiveness and trust, please check out Blue: Beauty From Ashes.... Read More

Stress Reduction 101

By Debbie Granick

A girlfriend of mine makes decision based on: “Which choice will disappoint the fewest people?” Her question differs slightly from mine: “Which choice will make me feel the least guilty?” Standing at a fork in the road is stressful. And for many of us, there is almost always a fork in ... Read More