Summer Movie Rewind: Movie Classics for the Whole Family

By Stacey Gill

Recently, I was discussing movies with a friend. Not "Lee Daniel's The Butler" or anything out in theaters lately like in the present century. The movies we were talking about weren't more recent than 1999 because that was the last time I stepped foot in a movie theater. (O.K. I exaggerated. The las... Read More

The End is Near (of Summer Camp, That Is)

By Stacey Gill

Friends, I am deeply troubled. Camp is almost over. And I fear it. This realization gripped me early one morning as I dozed in bed, causing my heart to seize and my throat to constrict. I bolted upright, clutching my throat, and sat panting in bed, wide-eyed and wondering how in the hell I was go... Read More

How to find the calm amidst the crazy

By Stephanie Young

Last week was a particularly chaotic week for me. Between the kids and their activities, the stack of bills that desperately needed attention, the pile of dishes that continued to accumulate in the sink, the traveling husband and the client who urgently needed two press releases written, I was fee... Read More

Where I Want to Take My Kids This Summer

By Kim Bongiorno

Many of us parents believe that by booking up the first 6 weeks of summer with camps and travel, we'll be all set. Not. The case. August shows up with a smile on its sunny face and a "So, whatcha gonna do with them this ENTIRE MONTH?" I, for one, am not going to just sit around the house sh... Read More

How NOT to speak to a child

By Stephanie Young

  One day last week, my ten-year-old came up to me after camp and told me that one of his counselors had made him cry. Baffled, I asked what this woman---a grown adult---could have possibly done to make him upset to the point of tears. He explained that she'd told him (and two other boys, mi... Read More

A More Accurate Summer Forecast

By Kim Bongiorno

About ten years ago, I vacationed in Arizona. It reached 106°F during my trip, and I was shocked at how…downright pleasant that temperature was. This magical “Dry Heat” barely caused underboob sweat, even in the triple digits. And that is a beautiful thing. I grew up in Massachusetts, the... Read More

Dress Shopping with a Six-Year-Old Stylist

By Kim Bongiorno

There was no way I could get out of it: I had to take at least one kid dress shopping with me. Maybe even two. My brother’s wedding was coming up, and I was pretty sure that old yoga pants and a stained tee weren’t appropriate attire. I had to step up my game. A purchase was unavoidable. I... Read More

I Am Not My Emotions

By Stephanie Young

"Balance begins by knowing how you feel but not being so swayed that you are ruled by every passing incident of anger, worry or resentment." -Deepak Chopra Since childhood, I've struggled with frequent bouts of anxiety and panic. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if my predisposition to worry began i... Read More

Observations by the Pool

By Kim Bongiorno

The best way to cool off in the summer is to hide in an air-conditioned basement watching the new seasons of Dexter and True Blood while sipping frozen margaritas as your husband massages your flip-flop weary feet during the 8 hours your kids are off at camp. Since this isn’t actually going to ... Read More

A Budget-Friendly Vacation At Morey’s Piers

By rebeccadesfosse

“I wanna go on that one and that one and that one!” shrieked my three-year-old as he nearly pulled my arm out of the socket. We were spending the weekend as guests of Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks in Wildwood and my son was enamored with each ride more than the last. Thanks to Morey... Read More