The Smith Center for the Performing Arts of Las Vegas

By chicksinger

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts of Las Vegas is without a doubt the single best thing that has happened to Las Vegas in recent years! From the Smith Center's own webpage, "The center was designed by world-renowned architect David M. Schwarz and crafted out of pristine Indiana limestone. Ea... Read More

Welcome from Reno Nevada

By sarahstevenson

  {downtown Reno} I am so excited today to be writing my first post for Today's Mama and also I believe the first post for them from Reno, Nevada. For those of you that don't know, Reno sits in the arm of Nevada, about 8 hours north of Las Vegas and at the base of Lake Tahoe. Somet... Read More

San Gennaro Feast Las Vegas!

By chicksinger

Whew! How was that first week of school for you? Are you back in the swing of it, already? I'm happy to report we made it through our first week, and now we are ready for some after school fun! San Gennaro Feast starts on Tuesday, September 11th and goes through Sunday Sepetember 16th and will be at... Read More

Pamper yourself more! Back to school week for Las Vegas!

By chicksinger

    So it's official. This Chicksinger will be the one crying on the first day of school. My sweet Little Man will head into Junior Kindergarten and it's 5 days a week! As a Mommy who works at night, this is going to feel like separation torture.  Here he is with his first day of... Read More

Gordon Ramsay Steak Summer Foodie review

By chicksinger

I'm hoping your Fourth of July was even HALF as much fun as mine was! Now, I did have to work, which means the Little Man spent his Fourth with the Grammas and sparklers and he tells me, "it was awesome, Mommy!"  I'm so lucky to have the MIL helping us out when we work. That being said, work con... Read More

Mother's Day and The Container Store Las Vegas!

By chicksinger

Mother's Day.  I am so grateful to be included in this most lovely of days.  Becoming a Mom has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Truly, I didn't realize the enormity of... Read More

Easter, 5K Walk/Run for Cancer and Daylight Savings Time!

By chicksinger

Is it really true?! THIS weekend, we get to turn our clocks forward one hour (I promise not to whine about lack of sleep) and have extra daylight to enjoy being a Mama and get into shape! And, I just downloaded the MyFitnessPal app from iTunes to do just that.  It helps you to count calories by sim... Read More

January is National Craft Month, Crafts for Kids!

By chicksinger

We have been enjoying our crafts all month thanks in part to the ultimate craft store Michaels and using their fantastic iPhone app, I was able to find great things to do at super affordable prices! I have learned that with a four year old and some of these cold, rainy days of winter (yes, it DOE... Read More

New Years Resolutions? I'm going with GOALS!

By chicksinger

This upcoming year of 2012 is set to be amazing! How do I know that, you may ask?  Well....because I've set it to be!  This year, instead of setting resolutions for myself, I've decided to set goals.  I've always loved setting New Year's resolutions, getting a cute new notebook and pen from Targe... Read More

Thanksgiving and Santa's arrival at Glittering Lights Las Vegas!

By chicksinger

Now, I know that Macy's feels that it's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade that brings in Old Saint Nick and starts off the holiday season, but last night Santa Claus arrived at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway!  Last night I had the most wonderful time attending the pre-opening show of Glitte... Read More