Working from Home During School Breaks

By shellyknight

Holiday breaks are coming soon, what to do with those seemingly endless weeks off? With education standards being over the moon these days it is hard work keeping grades up, participating in extracurriculars, and saving time for the neighborhood playdate. My opinion is that the children deserve the... Read More

Mother Daughter Backpacking

By shellyknight

I had been yearning for an adventure similar to the one my then 10-year-old daughter and I took two years ago on the Colorado River. I was also looking for a true adventure. We took a lovely family vacation around our home state over the summer, and visited many places we had never been. Due to lack... Read More

Vigilance is the Silver Lining

By shellyknight

Our state has been rocked this year with everything from a summer full of wildfires, a theater shooting, and recently the abduction and murder of a child. It's just about all our neighbors can talk about. We discussed everything from how we can't imagine what the Ridgeway Family is going through, to... Read More

Shots in Fruit!

By shellyknight

This makes a shot healthy, right?! This recipe is from another blog that I've been reading for several years and Maggie comes up with a lot of genius ideas, including this one. With two small children to take care of, we're not doing a ton of shots around here, but I think these are an excellent... Read More

Fourth of July without Fireworks; with Fruit Drinks

By shellyknight

In case you haven't heard, Colorado has been on fire the past couple of weeks. The closest fire to me is at least 35 miles, so I have not been affected at all, other than occasional smoky air. However, Colorado people are nothing if not supportive, and donations of money, time, and positive thoughts... Read More

The Go-To Chocolate Chip Cookies

By shellyknight

Do you remember Soft Batch Cookies and what a phenomenon they were for the cookie aisle at the grocery store? For soft cookie-lovers like my dad and I, they were difficult to resist when compared to their crunchy, plastic-packaged neighbors and they wound up in our grocery cart just about every tr... Read More

Chocolate Chip Cookies for my Cookie Monsters

By shellyknight

I think everyone is in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and, after the staple-from-my-childhood Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe failed at high altitude unless I added shortening, count me into that search. I pretty much love every recipe I've tried from this blog, and these rich, c... Read More

Dulce de Leche Duos

By shellyknight

I like Oreos, but wouldn't say I love them. First, I've never been a big fan of store-bought cookies in general-I'm just not willing to  spend the calories when compared to a homemade cookie. Second, they're not a soft cookie. Sure, dunking an Oreo in milk changes all that, but that's more than jus... Read More Special Promotion on Baby and Kids Stuff

By Kirsten Lamb

This is an epic summer for my family. First summer with a kiddo -- she's 10 months old -- and we decided to take a road trip to California to escape from our everyday busyness and simplify for awhile. We have a pop-up trailer, and we're hitting a wedding in San Francisco and then camping along the C... Read More

How Colorado Chose Me

By shellyknight

After living in California for 23 years, I secured a job and a place to live, and  moved to Colorado. I didn't know a soul, other than my boyfriend who was to become my first roommate ever. As crazy as that seems, the boyfriend is now a husband, and the other two roommates are neighbors whose kids ... Read More