How to Sign Up as a Q Sciences Distributor

If you are passionate about health, nutrition, fitness, child development, or mental illness, Q Sciences is probably the right fit for you! Read all about their products HERE.

Q Sciences

Get Started!

To get set up as an “IBO” or “Independent Business Owner” on our team you’ll need to:

  • Sign up online for your “Starter Pack”
  • Set up your monthly Auto-Ship

Here’w how to sign up:

  • Go to:
  • Click on Join/Buy in the main menu at the top of the page
  • Click “Join Now” to “Enroll as an Independent Business Owner”
  • Select the United States
  • On the “Select Starter Pack” page scroll down towards the bottom. There are some $150 starter packs set up specifically for our group.
  • Choose one of the $149.95 starter packs.  We like the “150 Enrollment – Sprays” package because you get the vitamin sprays and the Q96 (brain health vitamin), and the probiotic.
  • Once you select your pack and click “Continue” you’ll be dropped into the “Shop Q Sciences page” where you’ll select what you’d like on AutoShip each month. To qualify for commissions you need to order $120 worth of product each month. Order what you’ll use for your family or I’d also recommend ordering some of the 7 day sample packs to give to people. I have Q96 for everyone in my family on autoship, some vitamin sprays (B, C, D) and 7 day sample packs.
  • Be sure to click “Add to Autoship” when you add the products
  • Check out
  • When you are checking out it will ask you for your SSN or EIN number. It’s also going to ask you for what website name you’d like for your individual site. I chose  You can do something creative, use your name, or your website name, whatever you want to do here.
  • Place Order
  • You’re all set!

A few things to remember:

  • You’ll need to spend $120 a month on autoship to qualify for commissions. You can ELIMINATE this fee once you sign up 3 “Preferred Customers” who are ordering $120 a month in product on autoship. That doesn’t mean they have to be distributors or IBO’s it just means that they are ordering product through you.
  • Here’s some of the research on the product to read up on:

Once you’re signed up you’ll receive some additional information from our team to get you rolling.

Questions? Email Us!