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10 Tips for a Stress-Free Family Road Trip

By MiniTime

The family road trip. For many it’s a means to an end, a necessary evil you must endure for the reward of a great family vacation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With over a decade of road trip experience, I’ve learned a few things—from keeping a change of clothes within easy access ... Read More

How Four Pillows Changed My Pregnancy

By cassi

Out with the old and in with the SNOOZE, baby! I am a mother of 3 with one on the way. There is nothing better than an amazing night’s sleep when pregnant- you escape from the nausea, sore back, varicose veins, and that vertical gravity that pulls on you all day long. I’m ready for bed just t... Read More

Science Says Your Lady Friends Are The Key to a Long Life

By Kalli Verbecky

Lady friends are important. Science says so. A recent study considered the impact of social isolation on human health. "The research findings indicate that the influence of social relationships on the risk of death are comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality such as... Read More

Family Friendly Things to Do in LA Only Locals Know About

By MiniTime

People come from all over to visit Los Angeles' golden beaches and family-friendly attractions, but there are also many secret gems to discover with kids. Places most visitors never see, but that locals treasure. Whether it’s your first or 10th visit to the City of Angels, you can experience LA li... Read More

Meet the New Han Solo

By Erin Oltmanns

Surely you've heard that a Star Wars movie devoted to exploring the origins of your very favorite scoundrel, Han Solo, is in the works!  This new film in the Star Wars cinematic universe will chronicle the adventure-filled past of the iconic pilot and everyone’s favorite Wookiee... Read More

Book Recommendations: Black History Month

By Anna Shirley

February is Black History Month and I have a list of book recommendations for your family. Starting with picture books for younger kids leading up to books for teens, take a look at the books we recommend reading during Black History Month. These books are great for teaching your children many lesso... Read More

5 Reminders for Raising Helpful Kids in the Kitchen

By Erin Oltmanns

I take my responsibility to eventually toss my two kiddos out of the nest pretty seriously. One day they will need to take care of themselves and SO HELP ME, they will not live on microwave noodles or be stumped by anything in the produce section of the grocery store or be the roommate that never co... Read More

Rock Dog Movie Premiere and a Giveaway

By Melanie Donahoo

This post is sponsored by Lionsgate Premiere. A few years ago my nephew visited and asked where I kept my dog. I told him I didn't have one, and he quickly let me know I was wasting my adulthood. I think he was onto something, but until I move out of my "no dogs allowed" apartment building in Man... Read More

Science Shows How A Trip To The Beach Actually Changes Your Brain

By YourTango

by Rebecca Jane Stokes Get there, ASAP. The ocean. A lake. A babbling creek.  Each body of water conjures a feeling inside of us even as we read the words.  You don't have to be an outdoor girl to acknowledge that spending time by the water can leave you feeling rested, rec... Read More

Proof That Breast Milk Really is Magic

By April Davis

I never feel more like a superhero that when I'm breastfeeding.  The act of breastfeeding my first baby really sealed the deal for me when it came to healing my body image-not only had I created this baby, but now I was her sole source of food, food I was MAKING with my magic boobies.  I l... Read More