11 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best

By Carina

You can't tell me that the holiday devoted to harvest, eating, and giving thanks doesn't wrap it all up into a perfect happy package. Click through to see why I think Thanksgiving is the best!   So raise your hand (only slightly) and put on your elastic-waist pants... Read More

A Halloween Dress-up Hangover

By Carina

Not long ago, on some chilly morning, I went to get Lulu out of her room. She was already wearing a light pink confection with seed pearls and chiffon overlay, pairing the dress with silver sparkle shoes. It was 43 degrees outside. She would not be dissuaded. She wore that dress to breakfast ... Read More

Start the BOO On Your Street

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

We got booed at our house the other day. While you may have a vision of neighbors jeering at us on our driveway, being booed is a great Halloween treat! A few weeks before the first Halloween we spent in this house we opened our front door to discover our first "BOO" anonymous gift basket fi... Read More

Day of the Dead Printables Craft

By Amy Allen Johnson

Celebrate the Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos with this cute, cut-out craft, Day of the Dead Printables Craft.  Day of the Dead has similar origins to Halloween or All Hallow's Eve (aka La Toussaint, All Saints' Day) and is primarily celebrated in Mexico.  Honor your deceased ancestors by visiti... Read More

Halloween Shadow Puppets Printable

By Amy Allen Johnson

Looking for a new and simple way to entertain your children this Halloween?  We've got the answer - Halloween Shadow Puppets  - a Printable! Instructions Print on black card stock. (Yes, you CAN print on black paper! It’s faint, but the black lines are clear enough to use as guides fo... Read More

“The Raven” Halloween Wreath

By Erica Fehrman

It's Halloween time and my door was sadly lacking a Halloween wreath, so I decided to get crafty and make one. Beginning on Pinterest at 10am, my Halloween wreath project took much longer than I expected from start to finish. If you're an experienced wreath maker or crafter or just a more patient pe... Read More

Printable Halloween Party Supplies

By Erin Oltmanns

Halloween is a blast—so many fun DIY projects, decorations, and printable Halloween party goodies are available these days. The only drawback? Those projects tend to be a wee bit heavy on the dark side...and big downer if you’re trying to be economical with your printer ink. Time to wrap up o... Read More

Printable Halloween Party Treat Bag Labels

By Erin Oltmanns

How is your Halloween planning coming along? Costumes picked out? Menu planned? Organic, free-range candy in your cupboard? Me neither! Time for another printable Halloween party project to make your holiday a bit easier. This time we’ve got low-ink printable Halloween party treat bag label... Read More

25 Fall Fun Activities

By Erica Fehrman

It's easy to get distracted and forget all the fun that Fall has to offer. Here are 25 Fall Fun Activities to keep nearby and fit in on a sunny, breezy day or a chilly, rainy day. There's something for all the moods of Fall.  Download & print this Fall Fun list   More... Back... Read More

Printable Halloween Party Cupcake Toppers

By Erin Oltmanns

As promised, we’ve got more low-ink printable Halloween party supplies to help you throw a wildly spooky bash. This time we offer up Halloween cupcake toppers—just the ticket for giving your store-bought (or homemade) cupcakes a little holiday flair. These toppers match our printable Hall... Read More