Special Needs

Parenting ADHD: 6 Things I Wish I Had Known

By Debbie Gisle

My oldest has ADHD.  We hit eight years old and man did I need help parenting a child with ADHD.  I reached out to other moms but all shared a resounding “I'm just trying to survive” mentality. Parenting ADHD is difficult. Four years later, here are six things (from one struggling mom to anoth... Read More

Sesame Street Debuts New Muppet With Autism

By Kalli Verbecky

Sesame Street just introduced their newest regular muppet, Julia. Other than being adorable and spunky, like most all muppets are, Julia is also the first muppet with autism.  Sesame Street has always had their finger on the pulse of what's going on with kids and families. Statistics sho... Read More

I Love My Son, But His Mental Illness Makes Me Not Like Him

By YourTango

This article originally appeared on YourTango. He often told me, without any basis, that I was the sole cause of his problems. By Nancy Wolf The first time I saw our son being led out of our house in handcuffs was when he was 17 years old, three months shy of his high school graduation.... Read More

There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life

By Rachael Herrscher

In January 2016, Hayes was diagnosed with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, an extremely rare form of cancer that affects 1 in 3 million people. His strong will and fight helped him endure five rounds of intensive chemo and a stem cell transplant.  He is a triplet born in March 2015. Hayes was the l... Read More

Foster Care: A Unique Kind of Mom

By Staff

Guest post from Larissa Green, a foster, adoptive, and homeschool mom living in rural Kansas. When I first became a foster mom I had a dream. In my dream I was holding and cuddling and loving a darling baby, feeling so proud to finally be a mother. But I soon realized something was wrong – this... Read More

For Me, Autism Is…

By Karen Faciane

AUTISM. Such a small word has come to play such a big part in my life. It has been my enemy, my confusion, my exhaustion, my teacher, my motivation, and surprisingly at times, my friend.  It has reached me not only through my son, but through the people I have met, and experiences I have had, si... Read More

Kid President’s Letter to Babies on Their First Day on Earth

By Rachael Herrscher

You should give people high fives just for getting out of bed. I agree. ... Read More

Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Linked To ADHD

By Ana Connery

  A new study linking acetaminophen use during pregnancy and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is causing a stir among both moms and the medical community. The Danish study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics examined more than 60,000 women and found that moms who took ac... Read More

A Boy And His Dog, This Video Is A Family Must-See

By Ana Connery

This video of a  little boy named Owen with a rare condition that cause his muscles to tense and a dog who'd been left for dead is adorable, heartwarming and downright inspirational.  The dog, Haatchi, helps Owen overcome his fear of strangers and gain more confidence, while Owen provides the unco... Read More

8 Valentine’s Treats With No Artificial Colors!

By Andi Gleeson

Make your holiday a little healthier with these beautiful red and pink Valentine's treats with no artificial colors! If there is one thing that says Valentine's Day, it's all the beautiful pink and red treats everywhere. They are pretty to look at, but most are made with a generous helping of art... Read More