Elementary School

Dear Lonely Mom Of Older Kids

By Guest Post

Remember when it was easy to post photos of your adorable baby, or messy toddler on Facebook? Remember how you could publicly bemoan sleepless nights, and kids pooping in the bathtub? How your fridge was full of magnets and fingerpaintings that were impossible to tell what they depicted? You cou... Read More

Parenting ADHD: 6 Things I Wish I Had Known

By Debbie Gisle

My oldest has ADHD.  We hit eight years old and man did I need help parenting a child with ADHD.  I reached out to other moms but all shared a resounding “I'm just trying to survive” mentality. Parenting ADHD is difficult. Four years later, here are six things (from one struggling mom to anoth... Read More

Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids

By Guest Post

I really love middle school kids. I have two of them! If you have been through middle-school parenting, you may have noticed what I see: Strange things seem to happen to a tween’s brain the first day they walk into middle school. One might sum up their main goals in life this way: To b... Read More

6 Tips to Help Your Kids Share a Room

By April Davis

We just had our third baby, and in our 3 bedroom house, that meant it was time for my oldest children to share a room.  I asked my friends and read up on ideas and this list has been what's worked best for us to make moving them in together a smooth and easy transition.  Here are... Read More

10 Things You Need To Teach Your Girls About Puberty

By April Davis

I've had the opportunity to teach the maturation program at our local schools a few times now and each time I just love it.  Working in Women's Health has made me realize just how important education about this is-especially starting off on the right foot.  I've spoken with too many a... Read More

My 7-Year-Old Son REFUSED To Read — But THIS Changed His Mind

By YourTango

Thank you to my son for showing me that there are different ways to learn literacy. I'm an educator and I work with special needs children. My kids don't have special needs, so I wasn't prepared when my son was challenged by learning to read. At the end of first grade, my son was struggli... Read More

How It Really Feels Being The Mom Of A Bullied Kid

By YourTango

What affects our children, affects us. I want to tell you how it feels to be the mom of a bullied kid. I want to tell you how it feels when your heart breaks as your beautiful child looks up at you and asks, "Mom, what's wrong with me? Why doesn't anyone like me?" I want to tell you how... Read More

The Real (And Heartbreaking) Reason Kids Get Hooked on Social Media

By YourTango

By Lydia Kickliter When I was growing up, my parents loved to go to casinos. I became really familiar with something called "gambler's high."  I can recall this feeling — a sense of momentary and intermittent euphoria and gratification — as far back as in the game rooms of my youth as I begg... Read More

4 Ways To Measure Kids’ Success That Have NOTHING To Do With Grades

By YourTango

By Dr. Sabrina N'Diaye  Like most parents, you probably dream of academic and financial success for your children. You also want your kids to become noble, honorable citizens who make substantial contributions to the world. So, how do you know that you're on the right path guiding your chil... Read More

Making Before and After School Less Hectic

By Anna Shirley

This post is sponsored by Boogie Board. I receive compensation for this post but the opinions and ideas in this post are my own. I am not a morning person. I've passed that on to 2 out of 3 of my children. School starts in late July where we live so getting up early isn't so bad but come winter, ... Read More