Parenting Video Games: 5 Easy Ways to Research Video Game Content

By Debbie Gisle

Did you know that a 2014 study showed the average 13 year old spent 6.3 hours per week playing video games? Imagine if that 6.3 hours per week was with a person.  You better believe that anyone getting that much face time with my child would have a background check ran, an interrogation conduct... Read More

Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids

By Guest Post

I really love middle school kids. I have two of them! If you have been through middle-school parenting, you may have noticed what I see: Strange things seem to happen to a tween’s brain the first day they walk into middle school. One might sum up their main goals in life this way: To b... Read More

Animal Jam Codes + Free Valentine’s Day Printables

By Rachael Herrscher

Your favorite Animal Jam fans can download these adorable cards right in time for Valentine's Day. Bonus: You can share these Animal Jam codes with your friends and they can snag 500 gems when you use the code "BestFriends"! You can keep the fun going offline by printing out these Valentine's or ... Read More

Opt Out of Family Tree Now to Protect Your Privacy

By Kalli Verbecky

So, this is creepy and 100% real. Under the umbrella of an unassuming family history website called Family Tree Now (which is a joke because the family history capabilities are minimal), you can easily find all of your personal public records displayed in one easy to access place. This i... Read More

Parenting in The Age of Fake News: 5 Things You Can Start Doing Today

By Guest Post

By Dr. Claire McCarthy courtesy of Boston Children's Hospital's Pediatric Health Blog When I was in 7th grade, we did a unit in English class about how to read the newspaper. We learned where the most important stories were placed (to the right) and about how the stories were ... Read More

Most Likely to Succeed? Snapchat or Instagram

By Anna Shirley

The day after I posted 10 Reasons I Love Snapchat, the app made a huge update including the use of video calls. It was clear that Snapchat was taking off. And not just for the teens that were the main users. Snapchat seemed to be on the rise and everyone seemed to be jumping on the Snapchat banadwag... Read More

Can A Smartwatch Save Your Kid’s Life?

By Kalli Verbecky

A few weeks ago there was an attempted kidnapping in a town just a few miles away from mine. A little unsettling to be sure, but goddess bless all that is holy...the situation had a happy outcome. The 9 year old boy got away because after the kidnapper tossed him in the car, he made a stop in a... Read More

Instagram, I’m Just Not That Into You

By Anna Shirley

I'm really fed up with you, Instagram. And this coming from a devoted user. I have a lot of friends that I met through the app. I literally referred to them as my Instagram friends. I have had a photos I took with my camera phone printed and shown in a real, live gallery show. I have been creati... Read More

10 Reasons I Love Snapchat (And Yes, I’m a Mom)

By Anna Shirley

I'm nearly 40 and I have three kids between the ages of 5-9. I also have a best friend who is 20 years younger than me. We pretty much have the same taste in music, TV and movies but grew up in different generations. She taught me what bae meant (although it still confuses me) and I introduced h... Read More

What’s Coming And Going On Netflix In April 2016

By Rachael Herrscher

Ah the comings and goings of Netflix! You've just got a few days left to catch "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" but worry not, there's more entertainment around the corner! Minions, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Princess Bride, My Girl, and the 2nd season of Fixer Upper are just a few of the family... Read More