15 Unusual Childbirth Pictures

By April Davis

These are the unusual childbirth pictures that don't always make it to the photo album-placentas, umbilical cords and splashes of fluid.  If you've ever wanted to see more of the nitty-gritty of birth, this photo gallery is for you!  Take an opportunity to educate yourself-we know you... Read More

A Newborn’s First 24-Hours in Gorgeous Photos

By Anna Shirley

Andrew Griswold, a designer and photographer is an avid Instagram user who takes beautiful photographs (Instagram listed him as a suggested user not just once, but twice). He came up with an idea of posting once an hour in a 24 hour period, documenting a full day on Instagram. But the idea took off... Read More

5 Secrets to Taking Better Photos During Your Family Vacation

By MiniTime

Taking photos during our vacations is an irresistible urge. It’s our way of documenting our travels and memo... Read More

New Instagram Feature from @todaysmama

By Rachael Herrscher

You’ve seen and heard from lots of mama’s on @TodaysMama, so we’re kicking off a new feature on Instagram with an introduction to our team. We’ll be featuring different moms each day on Instagram. For now, it’s me, Rachael Herrscher. Hi! This picture was taken by the infamous @Ju... Read More

7 Things You Need To Do To Raise Adventurous, Active, Curious Kids

By Rachael Herrscher

We visited Iceland as guests of Animal Jam and Visit Iceland. Why would an online game for kids want to drag a bunch of bloggers to one of the most remote parts of Iceland? Because we are moms, and moms are role models for their children. Heard the phrase “If I can see it, I can be it”? Moms ca... Read More

Our Iceland Itinerary Giveaway

By Rachael Herrscher

If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed I took off to Iceland for a week and I'm here to tell you it was AMAZING! A must do for anyone's travel life list. Missed the Instagram action? Check out the #AdventureStartsWithMe hashtag on Instagram for a bunch of amazing pictures from the group ... Read More

14 Beautiful Childbirth Photos

By April Davis

These are the pictures that make us stop and sigh a little. They are just beautiful. Whether it's the angle, the moment, or the emotion, the best word we can find for these ones is just plain BEAUTIFUL.  Enjoy this collection of beautiful childbirth photos! Birth is an incredible and unique exp... Read More

10 Must Capture Family Vacation Photo Ideas

By Erin Oltmanns

When I had my first child, I wanted to capture EVERYTHING she did. But I was rusty, and my camera was a low-quality point-and-shoot. It didn’t stop me, but I longed for a better camera. For Christmas after my second child was born, my husband gave me a DSLR. I was THRILLED, but intimidated. ... Read More

Japan Trend: Parents Squishing Baby’s Faces To Look Like Rice Balls

By YourTango

Stranger things have happened in Japan... Just when you thought Japan couldn't get any crazier, yet another trend that originated in Japan is taking the internet by storm. But unlike Japanese game shows where contestants do nasty things to each other, this trend is actually pretty cute. ... Read More

The 30 Cutest Photos of President Obama with Kids

By Erin Oltmanns

If you twisted my arm and told me I could only have one social media account, it would be Instagram. I LOVE seeing what other people see through their camera lens. The lens of Chief White House photographer Pete Souza, is particularly extraordinary. Souza captures the small details of daily life... Read More