Daughter Shines as Rey in Photos Taken By Photographer Dad

By Anna Shirley

I basically do 2 photoshoots with my kids every year - Easter when they are looking dapper in their Sunday best and Halloween with their costumes. I love doing shoots with them in their costumes. And I'm pretty sure they prefer the Halloween photoshoot more. Photographer Rich Johnson came up... Read More

Family Making Faces on Disney World Rides is Magic

By Anna Shirley

If you're going to take your family to Disney World, you're bound to end up with loads of family pictures, am I right? The Enz family from Indiana recently went to Disney World with extended family members for a reunion. Here is the family of six with good buddy, Donald. Totally typical family pictu... Read More

How to Photograph Christmas Lights with your Phone

By April Davis

Here's a quick and easy guide to taking better cell-phone pics this Christmas!  Taking decent pictures in front of Christmas lights can be a challenge, but with a few of these tips you'll be the coolest kid on Instagram. 1. Avoid Using the Flash Flash gives red eye, and really downplays t... Read More

Deck The Halls: Minted Gift Ideas {+ 3, $100 Gift Cards!}

By Rachael Herrscher

We wanted to make “Decking the Halls” a little easier so is hosting a giveaway-a-day to fill your stockings, trim the tree, and stuff things under it! Be sure to check back daily for new giveaways and chances to win! {Be sure to click HERE for your chance to WIN from!} ... Read More

The 10 Photos You Must Take This Holiday Season

By Anna Shirley

Pictures of your kids on Santa's lap can always be risky. Especially when they are little and afraid of the big guy in the red suit. But here is some inspiration for you to capture the magic of the season with your camera (or camera phone). Here are the 10 photos you must take this holiday seaso... Read More

5 Reasons to Take Maternity Pictures

By April Davis

This pregnancy has been a rough one so I'm continually looking for high points to celebrate (it's a survival technique at this point).  Having my picture taken was one of them.  Women don't often enjoy having their picture taken and it breaks my heart.  We should be loving our bodies ... Read More

Our 10 Favorite Holiday Photo Card Designs

By Rachael Herrscher

Tis the season! And you've got better things to do than wade through 200,000 photo card options online. Our editorial team has all ready done that for you!  We've picked our favorite designs {and we' think you'll love them too}! Rachael's Picks Bountiful Joy It’s basic but bright ... Read More

15 Unusual Childbirth Pictures

By April Davis

These are the unusual childbirth pictures that don't always make it to the photo album-placentas, umbilical cords and splashes of fluid.  If you've ever wanted to see more of the nitty-gritty of birth, this photo gallery is for you!  Take an opportunity to educate yourself-we know you... Read More

A Newborn’s First 24-Hours in Gorgeous Photos

By Anna Shirley

Andrew Griswold, a designer and photographer is an avid Instagram user who takes beautiful photographs (Instagram listed him as a suggested user not just once, but twice). He came up with an idea of posting once an hour in a 24 hour period, documenting a full day on Instagram. But the idea took off... Read More

5 Secrets to Taking Better Photos During Your Family Vacation

By MiniTime

Taking photos during our vacations is an irresistible urge. It’s our way of documenting our travels and memo... Read More