Buster Moon Pie Muddy Buddies

By Erin Oltmanns

This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Friday is movie night at our house. And it’s becoming a production. It starts with takeout—we rotate who gets to pick (because mediating the inevitable disagreement between two kiddos does not make for a happy Mama) and th... Read More

Research Says Your Unusual Baby Name Might Have Some Negative Effects…

By Kalli Verbecky

Baby naming practices will never not be interesting (*COUGH* sometimes horrifying) to me. I mean, legitimate researchers actually routinely study what people name their children because, you know, anthropology and stuff. Unusual baby names, let's discuss.  Parents who give their kid... Read More

Cake Mix Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies Recipe

By Erin Oltmanns

When I’m cruising through the grocery store and I see Cadbury Mini Eggs for the first time on the shelves, it’s like a record scratch. When I saw them, I thought, WE MUST make Cake Mix Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies! And then I think I texted April and she agreed and then we waxed philosophical abo... Read More

The Best All-In-One App for Baby

By Erin Oltmanns

This is a sponsored post in partnership with WeeSchool. Download the WeeSchool App here by June 1, and you can register for free, lifetime access to all premium WeeSchool content and features.  My kiddos are just old enough that when they were babies I was never more than arms-reach away fro... Read More

Treat Yourself to a Year of Birchbox

By Erin Oltmanns

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Balance. All opinions are my own. Two of my favorite things are combining forces! Snacks and beauty products! No really. The way to my heart is through snack bars and lipstick. Many people in my life have called me out over the years for b... Read More

Epic Birthday Celebrations: Chuck E. Cheese’s Style

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

When my first child turned one, she had a birthday blow out. I thought of everything there was to think of, and I lovingly tended to each adorable Pinterest tiny detail. Let's just say I worked so hard that I think I actually might have been sweating at her party (which was in February) just from th... Read More

How Four Pillows Changed My Pregnancy

By cassi

Out with the old and in with the SNOOZE, baby! I am a mother of 3 with one on the way. There is nothing better than an amazing night’s sleep when pregnant- you escape from the nausea, sore back, varicose veins, and that vertical gravity that pulls on you all day long. I’m ready for bed just t... Read More

Science Says Your Lady Friends Are The Key to a Long Life

By Kalli Verbecky

Lady friends are important. Science says so. A recent study considered the impact of social isolation on human health. "The research findings indicate that the influence of social relationships on the risk of death are comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality such as... Read More

Meet the New Han Solo

By Erin Oltmanns

Surely you've heard that a Star Wars movie devoted to exploring the origins of your very favorite scoundrel, Han Solo, is in the works!  This new film in the Star Wars cinematic universe will chronicle the adventure-filled past of the iconic pilot and everyone’s favorite Wookiee... Read More

Book Recommendations: Black History Month

By Anna Shirley

February is Black History Month and I have a list of book recommendations for your family. Starting with picture books for younger kids leading up to books for teens, take a look at the books we recommend reading during Black History Month. These books are great for teaching your children many lesso... Read More