2013 Tax Tips for Families

By Amy Allen Johnson

It's that time of year, again.  Are you ready to start your taxes? With all the changes in healthcare and tax laws, better to start early and give yourself time to ask the right questions. Here's a quick list  of 2013 Tax Tips for Families - Claim Your Exemptions An exemption is  d... Read More

10 U.S. Destinations With The Highest Taxes

By MiniTime

You may think you scored a deal on your hotel and rental car—but have you really come out ahead? In some popular destinations, tourism taxes are adding big bucks to your daily vacation spend. Minneapolis charges a higher car rental t... Read More

Complete Shopping Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Erin Collard

Ready, Couponistas?  Here's your complete shopping guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Oh, yes.   The turkey's not even cold on the platter and I'm already feverishly coordinating my Battle Plan.   You with me?  There's something about the allure 0f a "door buster" $25.99... Read More

Need Halloween costume shopping tips?

By Ana Connery

'Tis the season for Halloween costume shopping and kids roaming streets high on sugar. Every year, I start out as excited as my 7-year-old, but all the hoopla leaves me with a dent in my wallet and a high-fructose-corn-syrup headache. Before I know it, I'm the scary one . This year, I vow to take ad... Read More – The Savings Account for the Social Mom

By Amy Allen Johnson

With the holidays around the corner and the Back-To-School nickel-and-dime fest fresh in my mind, I'm slightly obsessed with our family's cash flow.  Perfect time to launch a big savings goal, right? I'm the first to admit that I'm the Primary Spender in our household. So how can a socially-enga... Read More

Now is the time for Disney vacation deals

By Ana Connery

No, really, get up and go right now if you want to snag the best Disney vacation deals. My son has two long weekends every fall when school closes for teacher workdays or something similar. If you, too, can squeeze in a visit, September is one of the best times for a Disney vacation. I know it’s e... Read More

Getting Financially Fit – Money Management for Women

By Amy Allen Johnson

Are you a financial whiz? Love chatting about savings accounts, retirement planning and personal finance? Chances are, if you're a female, you probably said to yourself  'No, I'm just a beginner.'  In skiing terms, you're cruising through the Easy Greens, just hoping you don't fall down. Why... Read More

I Wish I Had A Million Dollars — Tax Refund Advice

By Erica Fehrman

George Bailey said it each time he walked into the Bedford Falls pharmacy: I wish I had a million dollars... Hot dog!   The Barenaked Ladies would buy you a house, furniture for your house, a K-car, and your love. My husband and I often talk about what we'd do with a million dollars.  We'd..... Read More

Guide to Black Friday 2012

By Erica Fehrman

Black Friday scares me.  Last year I stood in line at Kohl's and entered on the stroke of midnight.  All the people rushed in and I crowd surfed to the back of the store and stared wide-mouthed as carts with ten fleece blankets and five food processors careened past me.  Perhaps, I thought, perha... Read More

Father’s Day Gift – One Share

By Amy Allen Johnson

Need a Father's Day gift, but have a dad that's impossible to shop for?  Why not give him a share of his favorite company?   One Share is an easy way to buy a framed share of corporate stock. Yes, you'll actually own the stock which means Dad can vote on shareholder ballots, earn a dividen... Read More