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9 Reasons I’m Giving Up Tampons For Period Panties

By April Davis

Check out our Facebook Live video and the post below to get the skinny about your unmentionables . . . menstruation, tampons, period panties, menstrual cups, peeing your pants - all the things! Buckle up, this is going to get awkward - we've tried them all! We need to talk about our periods m... Read More

1 In 13 Kids Needs THIS Drug And It’s Been Marked Up 400% {For No Reason}

By Rachael Herrscher

Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. This potentially deadly disease affects 1 in every 13 children (under 18 years of age) in the U.S. That’s roughly two in every classroom. ( Guess what drug has been marked up in price over 400% since 20... Read More

7 Reasons Trampolines Aren’t Just for Kids

By April Davis

I have some fantastic news for all of your busy people out there.  That big black toy you have in your backyard?  It's a fantastic way to get a quick work-out in. "A study by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) found that trampolining for 10 minutes is 68 percent more e... Read More

5 Home Remedies for the Common Cold

By April Davis

As this winter season is starting to wrap up (I live in the glorious desert) I find that we're still coughing and sneezing a little more than I like.  I typically wait until it's serious to head in to the Doctor's office, so it's nice to have a few home-remedies to try first, in hopes that we don't... Read More

I Started Olympic Weight Lifting. It’s Hilarious And Terrifying.

By Kalli Verbecky

I recently took up a new hobby and it sort of happens to be Olympic Weightlifting. It might seem kind of odd for a 34-year-old, married, PTA secretary and mother of three to be interested in that kind of thing, but if you knew me you probably wouldn't find it weird at all. Then again, my D... Read More

THIS Type Of Mom Is More Likely To Live To Age 95 Or Older

By YourTango

It's OK to put your biological clock on snooze. If you wait to have children a little later in life, you may increase your odds for surviving to an unusually old age. A Boston University School of Medicine study published in the journal Menopause found that women who are able to hav... Read More

5 Workouts You Can Do From Your Living Room

By April Davis

I'm here to help you be more successful with those fitness resolutions you made this year. I myself am a victim of failed resolutions.  Years of giving up repressive diets, difficult workouts and lots of shin splints.  No more. I finally figured out the key for me.  If I like what I'm doing... Read More

11 Things I Keep Stocked In My House for Flu Season

By Rachael Herrscher

I like to be prepared. I'm not trying to get all viral outbreak up in here, but there's nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a sick kid and not having what you need. Here's a list of our "medicine cabinet must- haves": Clorox Wipes Costco sized.  When sickness h... Read More

I Was A Cranky, Angry, Sleep-Deprived Mom Until I Discovered This

By YourTango

The exercise that changed my entire life for the better. In 2011, after being hospitalized for a major staph infection, I went through a period where I had severe insomnia. Two weeks passed and I slept only one to three hours per night. It was, hands down, the worst time of my life. I'd b... Read More

7 Things I Take Every Day

By Rachael Herrscher

I've had this post sitting in my drafts for awhile now, but recently a friend Alex Lawrence asked me to talk about health on a podcast that he does - so I finished this post up! You can hear that interview about health, family, and business HERE. You can check out and subscribe to his podcast HERE... Read More