Valentine’s Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting

By April Davis

I'm on a mission to bring back buttercream.  A quick Pinterest search for sugar cookies will reveal that royal icing is currently stealing the show, but I'm on a mission to change that!  I'm not a fan of the work that goes into royal icing and buttercream will always taste better.  "B... Read More

Spicy Garlic Sausage Sliders

By Erin Oltmanns

We now take a break from my typical fiesta of baked goods and chocolate to bring you, what my husband admiringly declared, “DUDE FOOD.” Yes, these Spicy Garlic Sausage Sliders are going to be the hero of my big game buffet come this Sunday, but don’t for one second think that my lady-like t... Read More

Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies: Double Chocolate Lazy Cake Recipe

By April Davis

In my book nothing says "I Love You" like baked goods. Count red velvet cake mix cookies as part of that "I Love You" baking magic. Keep your flowers and your jewelry. If you want to fast-track your way to my heart, come bearing carbs. Preferably chocolately carbs.  This recipe for Double... Read More

Camping Food Hacks

By Erin Oltmanns

We are “camping people.” We along with our extended family have garages and sheds packed with camping gear — sleeping bags, camp stoves, tents, packable chairs, get the drift. We take things like bug repellant and marshmallow roasters very seriously. Adding kiddos to this ... Read More

7 Salad Ingredients to Keep In Your Kitchen At All Times

By Erin Oltmanns

Let’s talk about salad. Not because it’s January or because salad’s are “diet food” but because salads can be a magical trifecta of awesomeness in that they are: A delivery method for a TON of vitamins and valuable nutrients. Crazy tasty. Crazy easy to toss together. Oh. Y... Read More

Eggnog Syrup Recipe

By Rachael Herrscher

Want to make breakfast festive? Make eggnog syrup! Each year we host a Christmas Eve breakfast with friends. This syrup is always on the menu and without fail I catch people sneaking spoonfuls or asking to DRINK it! It's that good. It's buttery, and creamy, and the perfect compliment to Christmas... Read More

20 Holiday Items from Trader Joe’s You NEED In Your Life

By Erin Oltmanns

‘Tis the season to eat all the wonderful things! And to give wonderful yummy food as gifts. Trader Joe’s does yummy food really well year-round, but during the holidays, they are EXCEPTIONAL at dipping stuff in chocolate, coating stuff in peppermint, and feeding your gingerbread habit. So ... Read More

10 Things to do with Leftover Turkey

By April Davis

I love turkey.  Even the times I haven't had Thanksgiving dinner at my house, I've bought a turkey because I just love turkey and all of the leftovers that come with it.  Turkey is a diverse and tasty meat-it easily subs in for chicken and adds new flavor to old recipes.  This is... Read More

The 5 Best Turkey How To Videos on YouTube

By Erin Oltmanns

Let’s talk turkey. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you’re in charge of the turkey for the first or fifteenth time, there is always some new and magical to learn. AND, let’s face that bird is stressful. Unless you’re my Dad, or my Aunt, who seem to be able to ju... Read More

Easy 3 Ingredient Appetizers

By April Davis

We've scoured Pinterest and found a round-up of the best appetizers for your holidays!  All of them are 3 ingredients, easy to put together and oh so yummy! 1. Cranberry Pepper Jelly Dip This Cranberry Pepper Jelly Dip is the perfect solution to keep guests from picking at t... Read More