Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter Recipe {in the blender!}

By Rachael Herrscher

Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter Recipe I've gone through several phases of completely eliminating sugar from my diet {see: 12+ Tips For Quitting Sugar}. I cut sugar completely out for an entire year, I've done several rounds of Whole 30, and in general I just try to stay away from sugar.  But th... Read More

The 1 Ingredient That Changed Gluten Free Baking Forever

By Rachael Herrscher

The Best Gluten Free Muffins. Ever. I feel like I've made some sort of scientific discovery. Something that has changed the world. My gluten free world at least. I've been making these 5-Ingredient blender muffins for awhile now and I thought I had found the ultimate solution for my breadless ... Read More

Traveling as a Gluten Free Family

By MiniTime

Foodie List When you need to find food on the road the more specific your needs are, the more difficult it feels to be spontaneous. Every trip requires extensive planning and mapping out your available food options. All of a sudden, the food you are eating overwhelms the fun you are supposed ... Read More

5 Ingredient Banana Almond Butter Muffins

By Rachael Herrscher

These muffins are 5 ingredients, easy to make, healthy, gluten free, and Paleo compliant, and DELICIOUS. {The ingredients are Whole 30 compliant, but combining them into a muffin is not. I'm not going to lie, I cheat and make these muffins}. These Banana Almond Butter muffins are a huge hit wit... Read More

Why Do Your Kid’s Allergies Mean My Kid Can’t Have a Birthday?

By Carina

Last week a friend of mine posted this question as a Facebook status: “What is gluten, nut, and egg-free AND also store-bought that I can serve at a kindergarten class party?” I don’t know, air? All over the country parents  are being asked to accommodate the specialized needs of o... Read More

Gluten Free Valentines Recipes

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

If you're looking for a gluten free way to celebrate Valentines Day, we've got the list of recipes for you.  Click here to visit Disney Baby and ten gluten free recipes for Valentines Day.  From Mickey Mouse heart cookies to ice cream sandwiches made out of rice krispy treats to chocolate lollipop... Read More

Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe

By Rachael Herrscher

I had to make peach pie. Lucky for me I had a little gluten free inspiration from my husband. He'd made me some gluten free shortbread cookies the week before and had commented how good they'd be as pie crust. I thought I'd give it a shot! So I adapted it. And by adapted, I mean I just... Read More

Worried About Carrageenan in Food?

By Rachael Herrscher

Ever since our youngest was born with a host of allergies, I've paid an unnatural amount of attention to labels and ingredients.  Coconut milk has been a core part of my daughters diet since she was an infant because of her dairy allergies. She'd go through a gallon a week on her own.  So when I s... Read More

Gluten Free Coconut Zucchini Bread

By Rachael Herrscher

There are certain things that make me sad that I can't eat wheat, and those things happen to come around seasonally.   The fall is a reminder that so many yummy baked goods are off limits. I haven't ventured much into gluten free baking (because I'm lazy).  My philosophy in general has also been ... Read More

Cauliflower Pizza

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Rejoice gluten free friends! I had this pizza at a birthday party a few weeks ago, and it was amazing.  I'm not gluten free, but I am a veggie loving gal, so I was excited to try this little slice of cauliflower heaven. Not to mention, this cauliflower pizza is recommended by Dr. Oz, who I mu... Read More