5 Easy Christmas DIY Projects

By Ana Connery

We just spent the weekend at my parent's house for Thanksgiving, and if your fam is anything like ours, there were definitely pockets of downtime for the kids. Now that it's December, we're scheduled to go back for another round of family visits, except this time, I'm coming armed with the goods to ... Read More

Easy DIY Halloween Decor

By Ana Connery

I'm not exactly crafty, but I love the idea of making Halloween decorations alongside my son, Javier, because it gives us a chance to show off his artwork and spend time together. Here are three easy DIY Halloween decor favorites straight from our house to yours: 1. Frame your little one’s Hal... Read More

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

By Erica Fehrman

My baby isn't a baby anymore, but his room wasn't proof of his growth.  Approaching his 4th birthday, I started looking around at his long body stretched across the toddler bed, and the Eric Carle pictures framed on the wall, and the changing table/dresser that held books where the diapers used to ... Read More

Building a Terrarium with Kids

By Carina

A great learning project for your kids, terrariums can also be lovely to keep in your home! Terrariums are enclosed, or partially enclosed, containers for growing plants. A terrarium is a great way for kids to understand a small ecosystem, not to mention a lovely additi... Read More

Favorite Easter Decorations

By Amy Allen Johnson

When it comes to Easter decorations, it's not surprising my favorite ideas are kid-friendly.  Decorating is an ongoing process at my house as my two-year old will transport bunnies and eggs to new locations throughout the season. He's one step ahead when it's time for the egg hunt! Our breakable... Read More

Peeps Topiary

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

If you're starting to hatch your Easter plan and are looking for table toppers for your big Easter bash, I have just the ticket. Since I am not a lover of the ever so popular Peeps, this to me seems like the only reasonable thing to do with these little marshmallow blobs. For the rest of you Peep... Read More

Best Ways to Display Kids Artwork

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

I am drowning in art.  My crafty little preschooler marches off to school every day with a mission to make AS MUCH ART AS POSSIBLE for me during her twice a week three hour sessions.  Her cubby is bulging as I arrive to pick her up and she excitedly presents the six paintings she made for me, the ... Read More

Martha Stewart Staples Coupon

By Rachael Herrscher

You ready to deck the halls like Martha Stewart? Or at least look like it without having to be Martha?  Staples is carrying an awesome (inexpensive) line of holiday goods from Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery and they are sure to add a little style to your season! Tags and Ribbon W... Read More

Christmas Light Meltdown

By Carina

I love to decorate for Christmas, yet by the standards of most homemakers my decorated house is still kind of minimal. My favorite lights are these cascading snowball lights from IKEA that I hang in my windows. My neighbors each made a trip to ask me about the lights because they're so unus... Read More

Displaying Antique Ornaments

By Carina

I'm always scared to put my favorite ornaments on my Christmas tree--what if they get broken? Most of my ornaments are easily replaceable, but I have a few that are dear to me. I went to a local shop last Saturday (Harmony Shop) and saw this idea for displaying antique ornaments. The shop own... Read More