9 Creative Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

By Erica Fehrman

There are basically 2 schools of thought regarding Easter Eggs: Either you buy the $0.99 Paas egg dying kit, or you put in some effort. If you choose Paas, no hard feelings. Some years call for a kit and a 20 minute activity. If you're ready to get artistic in your Easter Egg celebration, here are 9... Read More

7 Easter Bunny Crafts

By Jen Price

Easter is right around the corner! To help get you in the holiday mood, I've put together 7 Easter bunny crafts. They're simple enough for even the youngest of hands. This Preschool Easter Bunny Craft from She Saved is perfect to hand out to all the school friends. ------------------... Read More

8 Easter Decorations To Welcome Spring

By Erica Fehrman

Even if your crocuses and daffodils aren't blooming, it's time to force spring by changing out a few things around your house. Take the red berry wreath off the front door and replace it with spring blossoms. Hang a sweet bird garland across the dining room doorway. These adorable wreaths, buntin... Read More

This 4-Year-Old Makes Runway-Worthy Paper Dresses With Her Mom

By Ana Connery

In my house we are far from crafty, so I was immediately smitten by the fashion design prowess of mother/daughter duo Angie and Mayhem. These two have taken the internet by storm with amazing recreations of runway and red carpet dresses using nothing but construction paper, scissors and tape. Check ... Read More

Lego Movie Valentine’s Day Printables

By Rachael Herrscher

Are you as excited as we are for the Lego Movie? Here are some printable Lego Movie Valentines to get you in the spirit! You can print them out and attach to a bag of sweets or simply use as a stand-alone Valentine’s Day card. TO PRINT Download Lego Movie Printable Valentine's Day Car... Read More

Easy Valentine’s Crafts

By Jen Price

Holidays come and go so fast. It seems, while we're still enjoying the decorations, it's time to put them away and decorate for the next one. That's why easy is perfect. Our house can look fun without the stress of time consuming projects. I love all the ideas in these easy Valentine's  Crafts! Dec... Read More

5 Ideas For A Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day

By Ana Connery

Ah, Valentine's Day. Some people call it a nothing holiday that makes millions for companies who peddle cards and flowers to the lucky few who are partnered up. I happen to love Valentine's Day, and I only came to love it more after I had kids. After all, there is no one I love more in this world th... Read More

9 Winter Olympics Party Ideas

By Erica Fehrman

The Winter Olympics holds a special place in my heart. Sure the Summer Games get more attention, but the Winter Olympics sustains us for a month of cold  every four years. In our house, we eat mashed potato soup, drink beer, and we encourage our kids to make their own version of curling in the entr... Read More

No Elf on the Shelf? Have An Elf for Everyone

By Amy Allen Johnson

Do you have an elf at your house?  Lucky for me, I've got two! While we haven't joined in on the crazy Elf on the Shelf tradition, my family loves to discuss elf life and all its particulars. Do elves sleep with their hats on? Do elves really need to see the dentist?  How many elves real... Read More

5 Easy Christmas DIY Projects

By Ana Connery

We just spent the weekend at my parent's house for Thanksgiving, and if your fam is anything like ours, there were definitely pockets of downtime for the kids. Now that it's December, we're scheduled to go back for another round of family visits, except this time, I'm coming armed with the goods to ... Read More