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Daughter Shines as Rey in Photos Taken By Photographer Dad

I basically do 2 photoshoots with my kids every year – Easter when they are looking dapper in their Sunday best and Halloween with their costumes. I love doing shoots with them in their costumes. And I’m pretty sure they prefer the Halloween photoshoot more.

Photographer Rich Johnson came up with the idea for a photoshoot with his 3-year-old daughter Kylee as her favorite character, Rey from The Force Awakens. Altering the costume for her and weathering up his BB-8 droid was worth the effort. He found a construction site that could serve as the backdrop and the result is literally out of this world.

Kylee rocks the photoshoot by nailing the spirit of Rey. Aren’t her expressions perfect? Although, I have to admit that my favorites (besides that money shot with the sun flare) are the outtakes where Rich catches Kylee  with a sly smile or laughing. Or that one where she’s giving BB-8 a kiss. Okay, fine, they’re all pretty much ridiculously amazing. You definitely understand how much this photoshoot means to both father and daughter.

All of the photos here are taken by Rich Johnson and posted with his permission.


Rich Johnson with his daughter, Kylee as Rey.


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