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The 10 Photos You Must Take This Holiday Season

The 10 Photos You Must Take This Holiday Season

Pictures of your kids on Santa’s lap can always be risky. Especially when they are little and afraid of the big guy in the red suit. But here is some inspiration for you to capture the magic of the season with your camera (or camera phone). Here are the 10 photos you must take this holiday season.

1. Visit to the Tree Farm: Whether or not you buy a live tree each year, visiting a tree farm is ridiculously photogenic. It’s worth a visit  even if it is just for a quick photo or two.

And if all else fails, there’s always the artificial tree option.

New year's family portrait, sort of. Welcome 2015.

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2. Baking: I love spending time with my kids in the kitchen. And I am a sucker for a photo of kids helping out. With all the holiday baking, there will surely be the chance to snap a photo. And before you wrap up all those treats you are making for neighbors, take a minute to set up a quick shot of your tasty goods. I love a good shot of food but what makes it extra special is the human touch. Let your kids reach in to grab a bite and catch it with your camera.

3. Bokeh: All the Christmas lights are the perfect chance for you to try to capture the magic using a bokeh effect. If you shoot using auto-focus, turn it off. You’ll get this effect by making sure the lights are out of focus.

It's the stay-up-late time of year.

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It was a wet and happy holiday. Hope you all had a joyous and hopeful Christmas. #whptraditions

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4. Christmas PJs: The season is cozy no matter what the weather is like outside. And what’s cozier than your kids in their Christmas jammies? Morning, nap time, or before bedtime, they are all perfect for a photo shoot of your kids in their festive pajamas.

Tis the season for Christmas pjs and kisses underneath the mistletoe. 😘 #christmasjammies #elleandjulian

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5. Playing with Flashlights: If you are up for playing around a little with a flashlight in the dark, you might find a winner. One of my all-time favorite photos, my husband took this shot of our son sleeping soundly on Christmas eve years ago. With the help of a slow shutter, a tripod and he wrote with a flashlight and made a little magic.

Using a flashlight, and a willing 10-year old assistant, the star at the top of the tree, really shines.

Putting away that magic for another year. It was giving my son way too much anxiety at bedtime.

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6. Reading Books: There’s something special about Christmas books. Don’t you remember reading your favorite Christmas story? It is part of the season and finding a moment when your kids are huddled together reading won’t be hard.

Counting down to Christmas with a Christmas story each night. Let the fun begin…

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7. Silhouette: Visiting your favorite local light displays? Whether it is downtown in your city, your zoo or park, find the biggest, brightest tree and take a shot of your child’s silhouette.

8. Craft time: It’s a swell time to make festive crafts or projects with your kids. Those creations may not last year to year so make sure to capture these moments.

A little sneak peek at what we've been working on for this month's @childrensmuseum blog post. #blogtcm

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9. Ornaments: There’s something about those bulbs that can get your creative juices flowing. Use a shiny bulb or a clear bulb to get a unique shot during the season.

Hope you all survived the madness.

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10. Christmas lights: Make sure to keep an extra strand of lights handy for the kids to play with. It’s too fun not to take advantage of the perfect holiday photo op.

There is nothing like the Christmases of your childhood.

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