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DOWNLOAD ALERT: The Secret Life of Pets

Hitting the road for Thanksgiving? Heading over to a packed house to wrestle over pie? Just realized that the kiddos are off of school for FIVE DAYS?


Why does this surprise me every year?

I blame the monumental meal planning. I’ve been wringing my hands, trying to figure out the optimum time in the next 24 hours to brave the store to buy kale. KALE. So much so that yesterday evening at dinner, when my kids gleefully proclaimed their unbridled joy about having five days off that I realized, “WHOA. I have to entertain you while I cook all the things!”

No worries. My entire dining room floor is currently covered in Lincoln Logs. I’m sure that’ll hold them for at least 2 days. Unless they start sword fighting— Lincoln Log against a lightsaber—AGAIN.

Since we will be shuttling ourselves around a little bit, I’m going to go ahead and make sure our movie collection on the ol’ iPad is looking good. To add to the excitement, I’m going to grab a new one for them…the movie that they begged, and begged, and BEGGED to see this summer, The Secret Life of Pets.


It’s available TODAY to own on Digital HD! 

Download your copy today from iTunes (also available on Google Play, Amazon Video, and more). It’s the only way the whole family can watch The Secret Life of Pets over the Thanksgiving holiday. And don’t forget, Digital HD allows you to watch the film on any device, anytime anywhere. 


The download also comes with three hilarious mini-movies: the all-new Norman Television and Weenie PLUS Mower Minions.

Check out a clip from Mower Minions below:

Full bellies and cuddles on the couch. Now, that’s what I call a happy holiday…


For more details visit the Official Site, like ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ on Facebook, or follow on Twitter and Instagram.

This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures. The words and vibes are all mine, as always.

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