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5 Reasons to Take Maternity Pictures

This pregnancy has been a rough one so I’m continually looking for high points to celebrate (it’s a survival technique at this point).  Having my picture taken was one of them.  Women don’t often enjoy having their picture taken and it breaks my heart.  We should be loving our bodies and showing off what they’re capable of-growing another human!  Often as a photographer I would hear excuses from women: I have cellulite, I’m too big when I’m pregnant, I don’t feel pretty….etc.  None of those are good enough reasons not to capture this season that is so short and only happens a few times!  Here are my favorite reasons for why every one should have their baby bump photographed:

1. It’s an Excuse to be Pampered

5 Reasons to do Maternity Photos

I got my hair and make-up done, I got a spray tan and I got to look super fancy with fake eyelashes.  I even hurried and stuck on some nails because I didn’t have time to get them done.  It seems that so much of pregnancy is focused on the fact that you’re incubating a baby and not really on you-so it was nice to take a moment and feel pretty.

2. We only do this a few times

5 Reasons to do Maternity Photos

This season is so short and also so dramatic-how often does your body stretch and grow like it does when you’re pregnant?!  Each pregnancy is a once in a lifetime experience and deserves to be documented!

3. Nothing captures pregnancy like photographs

5 Reasons to do Maternity Photos

Every woman I’ve talked to that hasn’t had her picture taken while pregnant regrets it.  They truly wish they had something to remember what they’re body looked like because it’s kind of crazy the transformation that takes place!  Personally I especially love photographing pregnant women with their belly exposed because looking back at some of my old pictures from my first pregnancy I’m not completely convinced I didn’t just have a basketball stuffed under my shirt!  You can’t argue with the above picture that it’s real!

4. Your children will love the pictures later

5 Reasons to do Maternity Photos

After seeing these most recent pictures of my belly both of my girls immediately wanted to see pictures of me when I was pregnant with them.  They LOVED getting to see what I looked like when I was pregnant with them.  You kids will love having pictures of you pregnant later!

5. Pregnancy should be celebrated

5 Reasons to do Maternity Photos

Stretch marks, cellulite, weight-why are we so hard on ourselves about these things?  It’s all part of the pregnancy journey and not a good reason not to photograph it!  And if you hire a good photographer, they’ll make you look amazing.  I was so impressed with Lyndi and how good she made me look and feel.  Getting my picture taken was an enjoyable and happy experience and I will forever treasure these photographs of this time in my life.  You can see more of my session here.

Did you have maternity pictures taken?

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