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Zendoodle Halloween Coloring Pages

Want to add a little zen-like spooky fun to your Halloween festivities? Do you have a kiddo that BEGS for those fancy, intricate coloring books every time you go to Costco?

No? Just my kids?

I find that hard to believe.

Since our Easter Egg Zendoodles are crazy popular during the springtime, we thought it only fitting to ask our rockstar designer, Juliann, whip up another batch of Zendoodles for autumn.

Zendoodle Halloween Coloring Pages

The pumpkin, ghost, and cat coloring pages come in two versions. One is already filled with Zendoodle marks that you can add to and color in. (Get ready for inner peace.) The other offers a blank pumpkin, blank ghost, and blank cat that you can customize to your hearts content.

Zendoodle Halloween Coloring Pages

New to Zendoodling? Use the blank shapes and consider these tips:

  1. Use card stock or heavy paper with extra paper underneath so marker doesn’t go through
  2. Doodle different patterns into each quadrant. Start with a pencil if you want, but draw very lightly.
  3. Use two sizes of black marker (ie. Sharpie Fine Point and Sharpie Extra Fine Point) for the final doodles.
  4. Each time you make a new shape, let that shape be doodled into. (A big polka dot is really a circle that can be filled with its own doodles.)
  5. Try some halloween doodles! Spider webs, lightening, drips and splatters, dragon scales, thorny vines, etc.
  6. Try to vary texture, size, and value of the doodles. (Ie. If one shape is fairly light and has a lot of white space, the shape next to it can have more concentrated doodles or darker doodles.)
  7. Let the ink dry for at least 5 minutes before erasing pencil lines.

Zendoodle Halloween Coloring Pages

Download the Zendoodle Halloween Coloring Pages

Download our Halloween Zendoodle coloring pages blank or pre-doodled, print, and color.

Happy Halloween!

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