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Glamping in Bear Lake? Best Trip Ever.

We were invited to to go glamping in Bear Lake at the Conestoga Ranch, Check it out:


Here’s what you need to know about Glamping in Bear Lake:

  • Conestoga Ranch is in Garden City along the shores of Bear Lake. (Also known as the “Caribbean of the Rockies”)
  • Golf cart service for your luggage from your car to your tent – no need to haul everything on your own.
  • Some tents have bathrooms, some don’t. If you don’t reserve a tent with a full bathroom, there are VERY CLEAN (and very nice) facilities (bathrooms and showers) that you’ll have access to. They are cleaned three times a day.
  • You can grab food at the Campfire Grill or make your own. (There are picnic tables, fire pits, and grills)
  • The food at Campfire Grill? Amazing. EVERYTHING we tried was so good. We did get a little nuts with the chocolate chip cookie in a skillet dessert. Pace yourselves.Breakfast at Campfire Grill in Conestoga Ranch (Glamping in Bear Lake)
  • Can you go in the fall? Yes, through October 2nd (2016). It’s a little chilly at night but they’ve got you covered (electric blankets and space heaters in tents etc.) We bundled up and were totally warm. The daytime temps were PERFECT!
  • Their season usually runs from May-October
  • The lake? You can see it from the resort and drive there in less than 5 minutes.
  • Want to go with friends? It’s the perfect location for a trip with family friends or a family reunion.  There are a variety of accommodations for varying budgets.  We are booking the conestoga wagons with friends next summer and the resort will actually circle your wagons next to each other!covered-wagons
  • Want a tent with all of the bells and whistles? (Full bathroom, bunk beds, the works?) Check out our tent – it sleeps 8!Glamping Bear Lake: The Family Tent!
    Glamping Bear Lake: The master tent
  • Want to light a fire? They’ll actually come up and light it for you! (They also provide a big bucket of water next to the fire for you to put it out AND they cruise the resort each night and double check everyone’s fire pit)Glamping: They'll light your fire, put it out, and S'mores Kits will be available upon arrival.
  • It’s in Utah. Easy road trip for our friends along the Wasatch Front – but it’s also about a 2 hour drive from the SLC airport and Conestoga Ranch has guests from all over the world.
  • The people on staff were amazing and were from all over the world.
  • Would we do it again? Yes. Yes. Yes.  Our kids absolutely LOVED it.

Want more info? Check out glamping in Bear Lake:

Glamping Bear Lake

Disclosure: Conestoga Ranch invited us up to stay for one night. We were not compensated for any other piece of this post. All of these opinions are our own — PLEASE INVITE US BACK CONESTOGA! 🙂

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