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New Instagram Feature from @todaysmama

You’ve seen and heard from lots of mama’s on @TodaysMama, so we’re kicking off a new feature on Instagram with an introduction to our team. We’ll be featuring different moms each day on Instagram.

For now, it’s me, Rachael Herrscher. Hi!

Head Shot Square

This picture was taken by the infamous @JustinHackworth who is so tricky with his conversation skills that you quickly forget he’s taking pictures of you.

A little bit about me: This crazy train we call @TodaysMama was started back in 2004. Which makes me one of the old ladies of the internet. I had a 2 month old and a 22 month old when this all began. Now we’ve got 3 and they are getting BIG and it’s stretching the limits of my heart to see them grow up so fast. This was my first year with all 3 kids in all day school. It’s both glorious and the stuff that a midlife crisis is made of. Bless us.

We’ve published books, hosted conferences, traveled the world, and written thousands and thousands of blog posts. I absolutely love shining a light on all the cool things that other moms are doing, which is why you’ll see less of me on the @TodaysMama Instagram feed, and more of you, all of you.

Want to be featured?

Send Erin an email ([email protected]) and put “Instagram” in the subject line. Please include your Instagram account handle in your email and we’ll get back to you with instructions.

We believe that sharing our lives inspires others—not because we are perfect or have it all figured out, but because we blunder through our imperfections and that we’re always trying to learn and grow. We can wait to hear from YOU!

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