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Why Your Daughter Should Play Sports

This post is sponsored by Capella University. The opinions, as always, are my own.

I love sports.

I really do. There’s no quicker way to make me cry than to cue up a sports video of a championship win, a finish line victory, women’s World Cup soccer, Sam Gordon scoring touchdowns, or that one story with the dad and the son and all the Ironmans, oh geez…clock me out after that one. I’m done.

I’ve played sports basically my whole life which is what happens when you come from a family like mine. My two brothers, my sister and I were were all three sport athletes growing up, the benefits of living in a small town I guess. Our week nights were full of practices and homework, our weekends were always games and driving to more games. It paid off for my brother who spent 12 years in the NFL playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning him three trips to the Superbowl and two Superbowl rings. It paid off for the rest of us because sports is a part of what connects us together and the things we learned while playing sports have had a positive impact on other parts of our lives.

I think that the value of playing sports for girls is especially huge. I’m talking about leadership skills, confidence and teamwork, the kinds of skills I bet you want your own daughter to develop as she grows. But don’t take it from me, take it from the great Billie Jean King:

“When they take surveys of women in business, of the Fortune 500, the successful women, 80% of them, say they were in sports as a young woman.”

There was an underrepresented amount of female role models both in sports and elsewhere when I was growing up, anymore that’s not the case. One need to look no further than Venus and Serena Williams, Sheryl Sandberg, Misty May and Kerri Walsh, Gretchen Bleiler, Marissa Mayer, and the entire women’s 2015 World Cup soccer team to name a few.

Maybe you’ve heard about Jen Welter too?

Why Your Daughter Should Play Sports

She’s the first female hired to coach in the NFL. She’s also earned her PhD from Capella University which makes her Dr. Jen Welter thankyouverymuch.

I love this interview Jen did with football phenom Sam Gordon, check it out:

Women like these athletes, like Sam, and like Dr. Welter are blazing trails and setting the example for generations of girls to come, proving that glass ceilings were meant to be broken and that girls deserve every opportunity to succeed in life, their education, their careers, and whatever sport or activity they may choose.

“I want little girls to grow up knowing that when they put their mind to something, when they work hard, that they can do anything regardless of those things.” – Dr. Jen Welter

Learn more about how Dr. Welter is breaking barriers here.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Capella University. The opinions and text are all mine.


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