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Swiss Dad Photoshops Magical Worlds Starring His 3 Girls {30+ photos!}

Swiss dad and photographer John Wilhelm uses photoshop to create the most magical scenes starring his three girls. He typically spends 10-20 hours transforming each photo.  The results are pure magic!

How does he get them to post just right? Wilhelm says, “I always explain to them in advance everything in detail. Usually they’re able to imagine what I’ve got in mind”. 

We asked John to share some “Before & After” photos to see how he transforms these amazing photos!

The Bird Choir

Photoshop Before and After Bird Choir


Two Little Birds

Photoshop Before and After Bird House


First Day At School

Photoshop Before and After First Day of School


The Rose’s Revenge

Photoshop Before and After Rose Garden


Just a Seagull Pulling My Girls

Photoshop Before and After Seagull


Snowball Girls

Photoshop Before and After Snowball Photo


More Photos From John Wilhelm

First Day of School Photo


Back Scrubbers


Bent Banana Inc.




Bath time!




Shoot or help?


Moom! Dad is over here!!!


Just an unsafe crosswalk


Springtime! Bugtime! Macrotime!




The poppy dress


Just exhausted parents


If pinocchio had glasses


Just a washday in the Swiss Alps


Little Girl Big Buffalo


Little Red Riding Hood


An octopus in the bath tub. Things are getting out of hand!


Dreaming of the ocean


Her first foam party


Brinkmann & Carrel


Just two girls and a Vespa 1947


Just a 1st class lady


Tiny Fairies




Mila Button and Lou-ke the Engine Driver



See more of John Wilhelm’s work:


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