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Russian Moms Take Amazing Photos of Their Kids With Animals on Their Farm

These photos are absolutely stunning and then you realize that there are bears and wolves and your draw drops even more.

Russian mothers and photographers Elena Shumilova and Elena Karneeva, both based out of Moscow, capture children and animals in the most gorgeous light and with the most unlikely animals.

Baby and wolf photographed together


Amazing photograph of child and bear


Winter portrait of girl and llama


Boy and fox


Amazing photography and light with kids and animals


Children photographed with baby bear


Dusk in the wintertime




Russian Photographer Photographs Takes Stunning Photographs


Photography of babies in the woods


Owl and baby in the winter


Little girl by the lake


Girl photographed with owl in the winter




Crying Baby Portrait


Children laughing with an owl in the woods


Child with reindeer photographed in the woods


Child and horse


Cat and girl on the farm


Beautiful portraits of children with animals


Beautiful photograph of baby and reindeer


Baby phtographed in the winter


Baby in carriage


Baby animals and children


Babies photographed with wild boar and owl


A boy and his dog


Portraits of children with baby animals

You can see more of their work HERE and HERE.






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  3. Pat 06/11/2015 at 12:45 am

    please, think twice! these beautiful animals did not walk out of the bushes, they are living in captivity. That’s a shame! It’s a husky, not a wolf, the only wolf here has been slaughtered for his fur in wich the Baby sits. Come on, that’s disgusting and sad. There’s real fur just everywhere on these photographs. Killing one but loving and caressing the other. Are you trying to show your LOVE for animals in this way?? Is your Intent teaching little children to love and protect animals??

  4. Rose 03/18/2015 at 1:52 pm

    I believe you have the works of two different photographers here. One is Elena Shumilova – her photos aren’t watermarked. The others are marked Elena Karneeva.