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LEGO KidsFest 2015 Tour

LEGO KidsFest 2015 Tour #LEGOKidsFest

LEGO® KidsFest just wrapped up in Indianapolis, IN last weekend. It was our second time going to LEGO KidsFest which is basically a huge exhibition featuring LEGO brick activities, displays and features. Indianapolis was the last stop on the 2014 tour but LEGO KidsFest has recently announced their 2015 tour schedule.

Phoenix, Arizona: February 27-March 1
St. Louis, Missouri: March 20–22
Nashville, Tennessee: April 17–19
Austin, Texas: September 4–6

I remember going to a small LEGO exhibition when I was young that was a fraction of what is offered at LEGO KidsFest. I still remember that exhibit from when I was young. I know that my kids will definitely remember going to LEGO KidsFest when they are older. I get just as excited at my age to attend. LEGO KidsFest will please children of all ages and interests.

There's a kid in there. @legokidsfest #IndyMama #TodaysMama #LEGOkidsfest

Here are some suggestions I would give to those planning to go to LEGO KidsFest.

Buy your tickets in advance. To get your desired session time, buy your tickets early. They do sell out and it seems that the most desirable sessions sell out first (i.e. Saturday sessions).

It may depend on the site, but in our experience outside food and drink is not allowed. Make sure that you guys eat before you go so that you won’t have starving, cranky kids on your hands. But, there are concessions available so there is always an option to purchase food.

If you have kids of different ages, you may want to split up. My 4 year-old girls loved building with bricks. And they had a few options like the playing in the LEGO Friends area, the LEGO Disney Princesses area or the huge DUPLO area. This wasn’t something my 8 year-old son wanted to do. But there were special LEGO Brick Build Challenges that I didn’t think would hold my girls’ attention. So, this was the perfect time to split up.

#LEGOKidsFest Bridge build challenge  #TodaysMama

There are so many activities and areas in LEGO KidsFest that you may not see it all. When you first get to your location, take a few minutes to examine your exhibition map and make a plan. There will also be activities at specific times, so you’ll want to pay attention if there is something you’d like to participate in. You can also go to the LEGO KidsFest website for a list of activities and displays that will be featured at that specific site.

The LEGO models are amazing. And for the first couple of hours of your session, many people will be taking photos. If you wait to do this until later, you may have better luck getting picture without a photo-bomb.

Lord Business #LEGOkidsfest #TodaysMama

Many activities and game will award your child with prizes. Be on the lookout if you want to get some of the goodies. There is also a LEGO store set up at LEGO KidsFest.

Examining the loot #LEGOKidsFest #LEGO #TodaysMama

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