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Why We Need To Ban The Phrase “Like A Girl.”

This video about what happens to the confidence levels of young girls when we use the phrase “like a girl,” whether it’s referring to how she runs to how she throws a ball, is making the rounds on social media. Parents of girls everywhere love it because it reminds them that there is nothing wrong with how their daughters do anything.

As the mom of one son and one future stepson, I think the video is important for moms of boys, too. My boys have often been told not to throw a ball like a girl — sometimes by members of our own family. I always step in and tell them there is nothing wrong with doing anything like a girl. Girls rock just as much as boys do. They may excel at different things sometimes, but not always, and even when they do, the world needs the strengths and weaknesses of both sexes.

So to parents of boys everywhere, watch this video, and let it inspire you to continue to teach your boys how to respect women, how to play with women, and how to love women, without making them feel like they’re somehow inferior in any way.

I dedicate this post to my incredible nieces, Emily and Gaby. You guys do everything like girls, and you’re totally perfect. If you don’t believe me, ask your dad to tell you about the time I tossed a Batman clock at him in the 1970s to shut down his teasing…..




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