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Always “Like A Girl” Video

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s high time, and while you’re at it, grab your tweens and sit them down right next to you.

From Always:

 “You run like a girl” or “you throw like a girl” are common insults we’ve all heard or said at one point. Always, the leader in global feminine care, is launching a new campaign today to change the negative perception of the phrase and make “like a girl” a declaration that means downright amazing. The global campaign aims to help girls, especially as they enter puberty, feel proud and confident when they do things #LikeAGirl.

A new Always-sponsored survey by Research Now found the start of puberty and their first period mark the lowest moments in confidence for girls.* Harmful words can add to that drop in confidence. As part of the new #LikeAGirl campaign, Always partnered with award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield to conduct a social experiment to see how people of all ages interpret the phrase “Like a Girl.” 

Check it out:

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