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Disneynature Bears Opens Today!

One of my favorite childhood memories were the live action Disney nature movies my dad would take all four of us to on Monday nights. We’d pile in the tan wagon and drive to a small theater where we would watch Seal Island, or other nature docs made just for kids.

Bears Movie Poster

I’ve been loving the new Disneynature movies released in the past few years; what a great way to introduce children to places and species in the far flung natural world. And this weekend we get Bears!

Bears showcases a year in the life of a bear family as two young cubs have to learn lessons to survive on their own. We’ll get to watch the cubs play as the seasons change, hunting for food, and staying safe from predators. The movie was shot from the eye level of a bear, so kids get to experience the world as bears see it.

I’m always looking for entertainment that’s more educational and less about cartoon action, and Bears fits the bill. Will you be taking your family?

Bears opens on Friday, April 18th.


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