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Family Snow Day

On Martin Luther King Day, we all had the day off from work and school. The breakfast dishes were piled in the sink; the laundry had been sorted into their respective color heaps and was waiting to be washed. And of course, the grocery list wasn’t going to write itself. My dilemma was where to start.

In the end I went outside, declared it a snow family day and made snowmen with my kids–and I’m so glad I did.

Every now and again I have to remind myself that, unlike the dishes and laundry, the snow might not be there all week waiting to be manipulated into an icy version of Harry Potter. And even more importantly, my kids eventually will stop asking me to come out and play with them. Once in a while, the house just has to stay messy.

Family Snow Day

Monday was one of those days. We gave Mr. Icy the full snowman treatment: hat, scarf, face, buttons, arms, gloves, broom. He looked so good that we couldn’t stop there. We made a Mrs. Icy, two Icy kids and a suite of Icy pets: dog, cat, reindeer and guinea pig.

While we were out there, something pretty cool happened. The neighbors came out and complimented my kids on their stylish snow-folk. One of them called our local paper and encouraged them to send a photographer to capture the scene. The pride on their rosy, fresh-air drenched faces was clear, and I was able to see it for myself.

Good call.

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