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Gifts For New Moms

Diapers and bassinets are nice, but not all gifts for new moms have to be for baby.



Teething necklaces

Once baby starts teething, she will want to put just about everything she sees inside her mouth. Chewbeads are fun and fashionable teething necklaces with BPA-free silicone beads that are safe for baby to gnaw on, which is a way better choice than those earrings your grandmother gave you.  About $35.


Gifts For New Moms

Wanted Ahoy Striped Flats from $39.99

A new pair of shoes

What woman doesn’t love shoes? Feet can grow by up to a half size or more during pregnancy, and the changes are permanent. Sign up the new mom with Shoe Dazzle, and she’ll get a new pair handpicked by a stylist delivered to her every month. If forking over $39.95 every month so your pal can sport new shoes is too much for ya, give her a gift certificate for her fave shoe store. Trust me, she will thank you—and so will her feet.



Gifts For New Moms

A diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag

Today’s new mom zips between her roles at home and work and everything in between. She needs a chic all-in-one bag that she can take to the office, out shopping with friends, or to the park with baby. Enter those from Timi and Leslie. They come with detachable accessories and easy-to-fold changing mats, plus they look good. My son is 8 and I still use mine!


Gifts For New Moms

Hotmilk bra (nope not making that up)

Maternity bras that remind her she’s still sexy

Feet aren’t the only thing that swell during pregnancy. Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, new moms need to invest in maternity bras . Who says they can’t be cute, sexy or both, like those from Hot Milk and Cake Lingerie?


Gifts For New Moms

Lactation cookies

Speaking of boobs, the first time I tried Milkmakers cookies I couldn’t stop eating them—and I wasn’t breastfeeding. They are as delish as chocolate chip cookies get, and their fans swear the ingredients increased their breastmilk supply. You really can’t go wrong.

Gifts For New Moms

Babysitting Coupons

Break out these adorable coupons from One Pilgrim Soul or just  plain white paper and write your pal a note that says something like this: “This coupon entitles you to one afternoon or evening of free babysitting, so you can go out with daddy, enjoy a mani/pedi, or simply take a nap.” Give the “coupons” expiration dates, so when her baby still refuses to sleep at eight months old, she will know she’s got backup. To reach elite friendship status, make copies and give her a handful.

Gifts For New Moms


Filled with safe recipes for every stage of pregnancy, Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom to Be also offers tips for how to spike any drink—you know, in case Dad wants to get in the action.

Gifts For New Moms

Three-snap onesies

When it’s the middle of the night and New Mom is bleary-eyed, she’ll be lucky to get three buttons snapped, let alone a dozen of them as found on so many onesies out there. When my son was born, someone gave me a Velcro-tie onesie and that was even better, but I can’t find them anywhere anymore (please comment below if you can!). These from Café Press might also make her chuckle, which is kind of nice at two in the morning.

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