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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Don’t throw the towel in on stocking stuffers. They can be more than dollar bin junk that will end up in the bottom of your kids’ forgotten toy pile by New Year’s.

Stocking Stuffers

Here are 11 ideas to get your stockings stuffed — for kids and adults.

Lion Keychain

Handmade African keychains, bags and more that benefit


This wind-up diver would be the perfect new addition to my boys’ bath time.

Electric Toothbrush Kids

Do your kids have trouble mustering enthusiasm for a thorough tooth brushing? Up the excitement ante with an electric toothbrush!

Knock Knock Jokes

If your kids have a 2-joke routine, help expand their joke capacity with Knock Knock Jokes for Kids. 

spokelit bike wheel light

Spokelit Bike Wheel LED Light turns night riding into a cosmic experience.

training chopsticks

Training Chopsticks make eating more fun, whether your kid prefers to use them with sushi or chicken nuggets.

Flip Book Kit

Flip Book kits: Part 1950’s, all cool.

Ticket Stub Diary

Does your teen love movies, concerts and other events? Help him or her document outings with a Ticket Stub Diary so those little paper memories aren’t scattered and lost.

Fifteen Puzzle

Fifteen Puzzle — use the one blank spot to move the tiles back into order.

mini whisk

Switching to mom mode: A mini whisk may sound strange, but it’s super useful for mixing drinks and small amounts of ingredients like marinades, rubs, and dressings. I use mine all the time.


WordLock padlocks — for people like me who can’t remember numbers, but can remember words. Would “OPEN” be an obvious WordLock code?

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  1. Alby Deltor 12/18/2013 at 7:01 pm

    I bought my friends their gifts from It’s just $10 and you get random Surprise gifts. They’ve sent headphones, iphone case, make up and a Video Game. On their Facebook page you can see some of the gifts they’ve sent.

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