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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Future Scientist

Does your kid study how the toilet flushes, take things apart, tie the shop vac to the car bumper, love mixing and making food, and generally analyze how the world around him or her is made?

Science Gift Guide on

There’s a science gift just for your child, young or small, male or female, for baking or robotics or nature. Check out this giant list that’s just a smattering of educational, scientific gifts out there.

Clifford Rainbow Science

Clifford Rainbow Science

Magic School Bus Science Kit

Magic School Bus Microscope Lab

Disgusting Science Experiements

Disgusting Science – the name says it all

Butterfly Habitat

Live Butterfly Kit



Rock Tumbler

Rock Tumbler


Kids Metal Detector

Edu-toys Metal Detector

Potato Clock Science Kit

Potato Clock Kit

Edible Chemistry Kit

Edible Chemistry Set

Bubble Gum Kit

Bubble Gum Making Kit

Cosmetic Science Kit

Creative Cosmetic Concoctions

Bicycle Chalk

Bicycle Drawing with Chalk

Animation Praxinoscope

Animation Praxinoscope

Inside Out Human Body

Squishy Human Body

Skeleton Kit

Humanworks Skeleton Assembly

Hydraulic Machines Kit

Hydraulic Machines Platform Excavator

Motors and Generators Education Kit

Motors & Generators Science Kit


Rocket Launch

Model Rockets

Snap Circuit Lights Tech Light Lab Science


Tech Light Lab

Snap Circuit Lights


Forensic Science Kit

Forensice Science Detectives Kit

Kids Science DNA Kit

Science Wiz DNA Kit

Lego Mindstorms Robot

LEGO Mindstorms Robot

National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription

Science Pack Discovering Magazines

Kids Discover Science Magazine Packet (multiple topics)

100 Science Experiments Book100 Science Experiments book


PBS Teachers STEM Resource Center

LEGO Stem Education Resources

STEM Mom Homeschool Activities

Closing the STEM Gender Gap

Engaging Girls in STEM

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  2. Eli 12/16/2013 at 2:10 pm

    This is an awesome collection of great gifts that enhance learning! I love seeing and hearing about new innovations and cool iDeas to further student’s interest in STEM education. I work for a summer technology program that uses the LEGO robotics system you mentioned to engage and teach through hands on learning. The valuable skills students can learn through these types of gifts will pave the way towards success! Keep up the great recommendations!