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Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Celebrities go ALL OUT for Halloween.  The after photos in US Weekly are fabulous.  And I would know because I read that magazine from cover to cover every week.  We all need our outlets.

So while we wait for celebrities to reveal their elaborate costumes tonight, check below for  some memorable Celebrity Halloween Costumes over the years.  And then stick your witch hat on from Target and be grateful you don’t need to be painted into your costume.

Gwen Stefani as Jesse from Toy Story

I like it.  We love Toy Story, and she’s a celebrity going to a Halloween party with her clothes on.  A big fist bump explosion to her.

Amanda Seyfried as a dog

Even more the bomb than going to a costume party with your clothes on is being a celebrity going to a costume party with a humungous dog costume on.  Bold.  And cozy.

Paris Hilton as Cinderella

We all know that Cinderella’s skirt is full length.  Not a fan, and somewhere Walt Disney is cringing.  And possibly crying.

Lauren Conrad as Minnie Mouse

I think even Minnie might be proud of this one.  She has all of her clothes on, and how cute is that dress?  Love this girl!

Michelle Obama as a leopard

I can totally get behind this costume because basically she put on a sweater she already owned and added ears.  And boom, it’s Halloween.  Bonus points for the sweater most likely being from J. Crew.

Heidi Klum and Seal as Forbidden Fruit

This costume is a little too intense for me.  I’m scared.  Also, she’s hiding an eight month baby bump in that apple outfit.

Nicole Richie and friends as Troop Beverly Hills

I squealed when I saw this.  BEST MOVIE EVER.  “We’re the troop from Beverly Hills, shopping is our greatest skill!”  Dying just thinking about it.

Kim Kardashian as a mermaid

Ariel is not impressed.  And neither is Flounder.

Happy Halloween!


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