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Taking a Trip to Ford in Detroit

You spend so much time in your car everyday, don’t you want it to be awesome?

Test Driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid

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I went way too fast. I wish I could have gone even faster. I drive a hybrid everyday, but the Fusion was a lot more fun.

I love cars; I obsess over them. I want to know what kind of car you drive and why you drive it. Which is why when Ford invited TodaysMama to the Ford Connect Conference this summer, I couldn’t wait to go. I loved so much about my trip to Detroit, Dearborn, and the people at Ford. It was fascinating to find out how Ford is making substantial changes in the way they conceptualize, design, and build the cars we will all be driving soon. Take a look at the gallery to see more pictures on the test track and from around the city of Detroit in a new Ford Escape.

Moms spend so much time in their cars that I think we should all be invested more in making decisions about which cars we drive and how we want them to work for us. Safety and efficiency are my number one concerns when I’m looking at cars. Of course, in the future, I want my car to do everything short of baking cookies and giving the kids their baths. No, but seriously, what kind of car do you drive? And if you could pick any car to drive, what would it be?


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